MLD Season 2 Details

Okay so Season 1 is now over and the we have a Champion! It was a very long season and it had its fun moments… That being said, there needs to be some changes going forward to keep the MLD going strong. We are making our rules more strict, more fair, and more clear so that is isn’t a question if someone breaks the rules, if you break them you are out, simple as that. We have also reformatted our entire league system because of certain problems. The first being, the season just seemed to go on forever and it really started to drag. The second and probably the biggest problem we had all season is players and teams switching game times at the last minute or canceling on short notice. In the new system, this wont be a problem for the league. Let me explain to you all how the MLD will operate going forwards.

We will not have a 11 WK season, week after week after week. Instead we will have 1 day tournaments every other week starting June 5th until August 14th. The one day tournaments will ONLY be held on a Sunday, I know the beauty of playing on your time was great but it was severely taken advantage of. Players and teams only need to take a few hours out of their Sunday EVERY 2 WEEKS. If you cant do that, then you cant play in the league, I don’t know what else to tell you. If you are worried about missing one or two weeks don’t worry, this system is geared towards that.

MLD Tourney Example

Season 2 will be on a POINT system, so look at the example above. Each series your team win, you will get 3 points, if you lose a series you will be granted 1 point and if you win it all you will be granted an extra 3 points, so lets break this down. Above, the Dodgers, Elite, & Flames lost in the opening rounds (each series is Best of 3) so they are granted 1 point each but are out of that weeks tournament. The Bulls, Hawks & Wolves won their series so they all are granted 3 points. Still with me? Now since there is only 3 teams moving on, if there are 2 of the 3 teams in the same conference (blue or orange) then those 2 teams will play a qualifier series (best of 3) and the other team from the other conference will move on to the Championship round. You may think that is unfair for them to move right in, but remember, you must win a series to gain points, so they may get a bye, but the other 2 teams get a chance at more points. So the Wolves beat the Hawks and move on to face the Bulls. The Hawks are granted 1 point so they finish this tournament with 4 points, the Wolves however won another series so they get an additional 3 points and now have 6 total. In the Final Best of 3, the Bulls beat the Wolves so the Wolves finish with 7 total points and the Bulls receive 6 points (3 for the series W & 3 for winning it all) so they end the tourney with 9 points and tournament championship.

MLD Pt System

Bulls Example Banner

Each tournament winner will receive a banner like the one above in honor of their victory that will be placed on the MLD Website and Posted on the MLD Twitter account. As you see with the points, teams will go into the next tournament trying not only to win it all (like the Bulls did in this example) but gain more points because after the final tournament on Aug 14th, the Top 2 teams in EACH conference with the most points move on to the Playoffs the following week (August 21st) and then who ever wins their Best of 5 Series will move on to the Championship Series (August 28th, also Best of 5) for the MLD Season 2 Championship.

Now if your team can not make a tournament, we will not be changing dates. You just don’t play, and you don’t have a chance to win that tournament, and you DO NOT gain any points. Simple as that. If your team does not show, the league and the other teams move on with out you and you will have the next tournament to try and make up for the points you missed. If a team misses multiple tournaments (3 or more) then the committee will discuss removing you come Season 3 in favor of other players who can actually contribute to the league.

That is all for now, the updated final rules will be coming soon so look out for that! If you have anymore questions about the new system make sure to send your questions to @MLDoubles on Twitter!



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