We Need A EA Sports ESPN CFB Blitz!

I think we can ALL agree that we need College Football back on our Video Game Consoles in general. I miss the days of making my Buckeyes the 10x National Champions and/or building a lower talent college from the bottom up and winning multiple titles. The days of CFB in video game form has been dead for a couple years now and as far as I can tell it isn’t coming back. The reason it isn’t coming back is because of the Players likness being used in the games and not getting paid for it. To fix this problem, I think I have the perfect solution!



Growing up one of my favorite video games was NFL Blitz! I don’t want to toot my own horn but I was DAMN GOOD at NFL Blitz. My father knew I was good and used it to his advantage as he bet my Uncle a pair of stadium speakers (that my uncle wanted to charge my father hundreds of dollars for) double or nothing! My Uncle jumped on the chance to double his cash and ended up getting owned by 30 points! I was SO good at NFL Blitz 2003 that I was at one point 90-0 against friends and family, and some of them hated it so much they quit playing all together. When EA finally came out with a NEW NFL Blitz a couple years back I was pumped and surprisingly I was still pretty damn good. I wasn’t 90-0 good, but online I won 75% of my games! Sadly after a while no one was online anymore (why?! how do you not love Blitz?!).



So to my point… we need a EA Sports ESPN College Football Blitz! The Blitz series isn’t known for its realistic looking players, they can take on the models of another great game “Madden Arcade”! Every player on every team would be randomly generated, numbers and all (of course they could also just do this for the damn regular game… smh). Having all of these iconic stadiums in a over the top cartoonish 3D type of environment like Madden Arcade was but with the game mechanics of NFL Blitz would be something I KNOW would sell like hot cakes!


Just think about it… having even just the ACC, SEC, B1G, BIG 12, & PAC 12 in the game would be enough (to start). Franchise mode, being able to go year to year picking up a few players from a pool of 100 TOP players, having this end of season mini game mode where you have to do well to attract the best players, the better you do the better players you get (something to that effect, simple but fun). Year after year teams would drastically go up and down in talent and new teams would have a chance to make the CFB Playoffs and it would be so much fun to try and stay in the hunt!

Of course you would have a simple exhibition mode and all that, but the Online mode is where it would LIVE! Putting My Franchise mode online where you could have a TON of players who take over a team would be awesome! But not only an Online Franchise mode… How does a TEAM PRIDE game mode (needs a better name) sound?! Play online as your favorite team and win, stats & W/L will be taken from all games and TEAMS will be ranked for a month or two on how their fans do as those teams! At the end of said timetable they can have a mini CFB Playoff where they reveal which 4 teams were represented the best and over the next 2 weeks, players play those teams to try to beat those that they are pitted against. Then reveal the 2 teams that were represented the best and fans of those 2 teams play to try and represent them the best so said team can become the EA Sports ESPN CFB Blitz “TEAM PRIDE” Champions (that was a mouthful), and then after a month, start all over!

How awesome would this be?? CFB with the Arcade action of NFL Blitz! The Look of Madden Arcade and ALL AROUND FUN! What do you guys think about this idea? Let me know in the comments below!

Hey EA Sports, contact me and we can make this a reality!


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