MLDSSC Preview!

What a Conference Finals Weekend it was! (Well Thursday & Friday at least). 2 HUGE series were played and 2 teams were crowned Conference Champions! Lets first review the OCCS between the #2 Dodgers and the #3 Elite on Thursday night at 8PM! Rivals all season long, 5-5  against one another all season long and now in a Best of 7 series for the Conference and a chance to compete for the MLDSSC!

GM1 was upon us and both teams took the field. Everyone was expecting the close tooth and nail game we have been accustom to during the season… but the Dodgers came out swinging and the Elite looked baffled. 5-0 Dodgers was the final score of GM1 and it looked like they were about to run away with the series. GM2 was the same outcome, 4-0 run away… but this time it was the Elite who came out swinging! 1-1 was the series, both teams scored a shutout, so what was going to happen in GM3? Unfortunately for the Dodgers the Elite caught fire… and stayed on fire! 6-1 was the score of GM3 as the Elite took a 2-1 series lead. GM4 replicated GM2 as the Elite stretched the series lead to 3-1 with a 4-0 victory. The Dodgers needed a W, they needed to pull back into the series and in GM5 they fought hard. The closest match of the series as 3-1 was the final score… Elite would be on the winning side and close the series out in 5 games outscoring the Dodgers 17-7. NOONE expected to see this much separation between the 2 teams, not even the Elite. But after it was all said and done the Elite were Celebrating a Conference Title and pumped they were going to the MLDSSC!


The following night the #1 Flames would take on the #4 Hawks. Coming into this series the Hawks had lost 5 straight to the Flames just the week before and NOONE really gave the Hawks a chance against the Flames. Well the message was received as the Hawks came out on a mission! GM1 saw the Hawks grab the series lead with a 3-1 victory! GM2… The Hawks pulled away with a 3-2 victory taking a 2-0 series lead!! Upset Alert was on FULL blast at this point! GM3 began a scoring party… for the Flames, as they finally woke up with a 8-1 victory closing the lead to 2-1. GM4 would see the party continue as the Flames beat the Hawks 6-1 as the series was now tied at 2-2. GM5 was very important and even though the Upset Alert was now off and everyone thought it was the beginning of the end for the Hawks, they kept their wheels to the turf and finished GM5 5-4 over the Flames! Hawks up 3-2 going into GM6 and all they need is ONE MORE WIN! 3-0 was the final score and it was what was needed to force a GM7 for the Flames. 3-3, GM7, Win or Go Home… Who would it be? What an incredible series it had been and it seemed like the Hawks just didn’t have enough to finish it off… It was close to start but the Flames kept the pressure on and got a 5-1 W, winning GM7, the Conference Title, and now are moving on to play the Elite for the MLDSSC!

BCCS FLA V HAW results

After WK3 the Flames were 6-9 and the Elite were 7-8 at the bottom of the standings and today after WK10 they are now the LAST 2 teams standing, Conference Champions, playing for the MLD Championship! They only played each other once this season as the Flames took the series 3-2, but as we have seen with the Conference Finals, you never know what is going to happen! The Elite have the League MVP in HalfShelledHero and Wingman of the Year winner in Jaclyn881. The Flames finished #1 in the MLD and co-hold the record for Best Record in a season (30-15). This is the last series of the very first MLD season and whoever comes out of top deserves it!!!

I just want to take this time to thank everyone of our TEAMS and PLAYERS who stuck it out the entire season and those who came in to replace those who left and became an essential part of the MLD. This inaugural season wouldn’t have been as fun with out those cast of characters. I would like to give a special thanks to those on the MLD Committee (Lok, Hanz0, GamingBear, & Jeff) as you guys were there to help me out with all the decisions in the MLD. You guys are great and are the backbone of this league!

Good luck to both teams and stay tuned for more information on Season 2!


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