MLD Spring 16′ Playoff Preview

The Playoffs are here! 2 Best of 7 series to determine who plays who for the MLD Championship! Before we get into the big details of the BCCS and OCCS, lets go back and recap on the final week of the season!

The first match up of WK9 was the last meeting between the No.3 Elite and the No.6 Aerial Attack. The Elite had beaten the Attack 5-0 & 4-1 in their last 2 meetings but the Aerial Attack would not allow that to happen again! The Attack fought had coming out the gates with a 2-1 GM1 victory! GM2 saw the Elite charge forward to tie the series at 1, beating the Attack 7-0! Just when you think the Elite were going to run through the rest of the series the Aerial Attack come back with another 2-1 victory in GM3 taking another series lead 2-1. The Elite would then outscore the Aerial Attack 10-2 in GM4 (5-0) & GM5 (5-2) to take the series 3-2. The Elite are now moving on to face the No.2 Dodgers in the OCCS and set themselves up for some season awards after their performance here. The Aerial Attack finished their season 9-36 but their improvement on field has been leaps and bounds from where they were WK1.


The Hanz0 & DGX of the Aerial Attack have been a staple for the MLD all season long and they have decided to return for the MLD Summer Season! But as the MLD has evolved over these last 9 weeks, Hanz0 & DGX will as well! The Aerial Attack will now be known as the BULLS!

Bulls Twitter Banner

In the 2nd match up of WK9 we saw the No.2 Flames take on the No.4 Hawks who just needed 4 wins (and/0r Wings losses) to CLINCH the last Playoff spot! GM1 was close as the Flames edged the Hawks 3-2, but then the Flames went on a 15-1 run taking GM2 (5-0), GM3 (8-1) & GM4 (2-0). The Hawks needed a W to stretch their lead over the Wings and just hope the Dodgers won the series, so in GM5 the Hawks fought hard but the Flames took GM5 2-1, completing the series sweep. The Flames now has the best record in the MLD and a strong case for the favorite to Win the MLD Championship. The Hawks without a W were 2 Wings victories from being replaced in the Playoffs.


Finally, the last match up of the season! The No.1 Dodgers v the No.5 Wings! The Dodgers needed 5 W’s to jump the Flames as the team with the best record in the MLD, they also needed some personal stats to take home some awards. King_Panda4 needed 9 assists to be the Wingman of the Year, and Tasty Chick3n needed 25 points (any combo of goals, saves & assists that equaled 25) to win the League MVP! Meanwhile the Wings just needed 2 W’s to CLINCH the last Playoff spot to go on and play the Flames in the BCCS! GM1 was amazing, 3-3 in OT and it could go both ways, but the Dodgers hit the game winner (4-3) and take a 1 game series lead! GM2 was just as amazing, score after score after score, back and forth it went until the final few moments when the Dodgers extended their lead and won 8-2 as they took a 2-0 series lead. The Wings needed to win 2 of the next 3 matches to get in the Playoffs and GM3 started just as the previous 2 did! This was the BEST start to any series all season long! Just like in GM1 we were tied at 3 in OT, and after nearly 2 and a half minutes the Dodgers hit another OT game winner (4-3) to take a 3-0 series lead. The pressure was on and the Wings needed to win Back2Back games to clinch the Playoffs or the Hawks would be celebrating a Playoff Birth! GM4 went underway and the Wings came out swinging, they sped past the Dodgers with a 5-0 win and got 1 of their need 2 wins! GM5, the last game of the series, the last game of the season! It was Win or go Home for the Wings and BAM, another 5-0 game… But it was the Dodgers who blanked the Wings this time. The Wings missed the Playoffs by 1 game, and the Hawks now move on to the BCCS to play the Flames! The Dodgers could not jump the Flames for the Best Record in the MLD, instead they tied with them 30-15!


After all was said and done King_Panda4 fell short 3 assists and Tasty Chick3n fell short ONE point of becoming MLD MVP. The Season Awards were then as followed…

Elite Twitter HSH MVPElite Twitter HSH SOTYHawks Twitter Lokman GOTYElite Twitter JAC WOTY

The Elite with 3 of 4 Season Awards! Lokman97 with the Goalie of the Year! This incredible up and down season has come to an end… So NOW we go on to the Playoff Match ups!!!


In the BCCS we have a rematch of WK9, the No.1 Flames v the No.4 Hawks. The Season Series went to the Flames (9-6) who have won 9 of the last 10 games against the Hawks. Everything here points to the Flames taking this Best of 7 series in 4 or 5, but 7 of those 10 games (where the Flames won 9) were decided by 2 goals or less. The Hawks don’t need to win 10 games, they need to win 4 and the series doesn’t end after 5 games are played, it ends ONLY when 1 team WINS those 4 games! Could we see an upset here? It is most certainly possible but I know the Flames are going to be confident going into this series. If they come in over confident, the Hawks may have just enough to make it to the Championship Series!


On the other side we have the OCCS between the No.2 Dodgers and the No.3 Elite! The Dodgers who have not been out of the TOP 2 ALL season long are looking to continue on to the Championship Series but first they have to get passed their Rivals, the Elite! The Elite took home 3 of 4 Season Awards, including the League MVP HalfShelledHero and Wingman of the Year Jaclyn881! The Dodgers lead this Rivalry 10-5, but the record between these 2 teams with these current 4 players are tied 5-5! In WK2 it came down to GM5 tied 2-2 and the Dodgers took the series 3-2 and in WK6 it came down to GM5 tied 2-2 and the Elite returned the favor winning that series 3-2! They haven’t officially played since, but they had a 5 game scrimmage where it was ANOTHER GM5 2-2 series, and that went to the Dodgers 3-2. In WK5 during the Mid-Season Frozen Classic, the Elite eliminated the Dodgers in a 1 game series and went on to win the whole thing! These 2 teams are as close as close can get! Tasty Chick3n finished with a 3.50 in the MVP race right behind HalfShelledHero at 3.51! King_Panda4 finished with 28 assists, behind the Wingman of the Year Jaclyn881 who finished with 30! If all this tells us anything, it is that this Best of 7 series may indeed come down to GM7 with everything ON THE LINE!

So who is more likely to win it all? No one is sure, as anything can happen. But just for FUN lets look at the available scenarios! First, lets say the Top teams win, so it would be Dodgers v Flames! The Flames beat the Dodgers in their only match up this season 4-1 where the Flames outscored the Dodgers 19-6. Both teams have improved since and have been going back and forth from No.1 & No.2 for the last 5 weeks. Lets now say, the next possible option, the Flames v Elite. The Flames and Elite met in their only match up this week in WK7 where the Flames took the series 3-2 and outscored the Elite 19-12. The Elite are now 3 awards deep and might have enough to top the Flames, but the Flames here would still be the favorite. Lets flip that and say Dodgers v Hawks! The Dodgers and Hawks played 2 weeks ago in WK8 where to Dodgers topped the Hawks 4-1 outscoring them 13-9. 4 of those 5 games were decided by 1 goal which gives the Hawks a very optimistic outlook on that series! Finally, Elite v Hawks! These 2 teams met in WK4 where the Elite beat the Hawks 3-2 and outscored them 14-9. 4 of the 5 games were decided by 2 goals or less! These 2 teams also met in the Frozen Classic Championship after the Hawks beat the Flames and then the Elite beat the Hawks. On Paper, the Flames look like the team to beat but in the MLD… anything can happen!


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