MLD Week 9 Breakdown!

Holy Cow! This is the LAST Week of the MLD Regular Season! Can you believe it? I can’t, it seems like only yesterday that this league was only a thought and a hope in my mind but now we are about to head into the Playoffs after a great season! Before we talk about what WK9 has in store for us, lets recap WK8!

The first game of the Week was the No.2 Dodgers v No. 4 Hawks. This was their 1st and only meeting in the regular season and it was not kind to the Hawks. Though 4 of the 5 games were only decided by 1 goal, the Hawks just looked out of sorts. They recorded their lowest stats all season long and some would blame that on the Donut arena which played host to WK8. The Dodgers took games 1-4 by the scores of 3-1, 3-2, 2-1 & 3-2 before the Hawks gathered enough strength to pull out a 3-2 victory in GM5. The Dodgers reclaimed their 1st place spot in the MLD and look to finish that way after WK9. The Hawks remain in 4th place BUT are not out of the woods by any means as the Wings look to jump them. Lokman97 of the Hawks also slipped in the MVP race by holding the lead by a .07! WK9 is going to be HUGE for the Hawks in one way or another.


The second game of the Week was the No.3 Elite v No.6 Aerial Attack. This was their 2nd of 3 meetings this season, as their last meeting had the Elite sweep the Attack 5-0 in WK5. With the Elite already in the Playoffs and the Aerial Attack already eliminated from contention, this game could have been a snore fest but boy was it anything but that! 4 of the 5 games were decided by only 1 goal! Games 1 & 2 went to the Elite by the tune of 1-0 & 4-1. The Aerial Attack would fight back in a 4-3 GM3 victory, but would drop games 4 & 5 3-2 & 1-0 as the Elite took this series 4-1. Both teams would not move in the Standings but the Elite are only 3 games out of 1st place in the MLD and HalfShelledHero is only .08 from being the MLD MVP of Spring ’16 so going into WK9 the Elite are looking to have their best week of the season and the Aerial Attack are looking to spoil and shatter the Elite’s dreams.


The last game of WK8 was the No.1 Flames v No.5 Wings. The Wings sat back 3 games of jumping the Hawks to be in line to take last playoff spot and the Flames were looking to clinch the first playoff spot in the Orange conference. The Wings came to play as they took games 1 & 2, 4-2 & 3-1! GM3 went to OT and after 2 minutes of tense overtime play the Flames won 3-2 which started a 3 game winning streak as they took the series 3-2 winning games 4 & 5, 3-1 & 3-2! The Flames would indeed CLINCH that playoff spot but not all was lost for the Wings. The Wings only sit 2 games back from clinching that last and final playoff spot themselves.


Which brings us to the very exciting WK9!

The Wings are playing the No.1 team in the MLD, the Dodgers and the Hawks are playing last weeks No.1 team, the Flames. The Dodgers and Flames have nothing to play for except for finishing the MLD season with the BEST record in the league, but the Hawks and Wings are playing for their Playoff lives! The Hawks MAGIC number is 4! The Hawks need a combo of 4 wins and Wings losses and they will indeed claim that LAST playoff spot! The last time the Hawks played the Flames, the Hawks lost 4-1. If history repeats itself than the Wings would need to go 3-2 against the Dodgers and that would seal the deal for them. It is going to be very interesting to see WHO GETS IN and who will get left out on the last week of the season. Lokman97 of the Hawks is also looking to have a great week as the MVP title is on the line! Lokman97 has been the lead MVP this entire season and it has never been as close as it is right now. Whoever has the better week between Lokman97 and HalfShelledHero, will be the MLD Spring ’16 Season MVP!


Speaking of HalfShelledHero, the Elite are playing their 3rd and final match against the Aerial Attack this week. They are 9-1 against them this season and to be able to jump the Dodgers and Flames to become the No.1 team in the MLD they need to have another spectacular showing and go 5-0 once again against the Attack. If the Flames win 3 or less and the Dodgers win 2 or less with the Elite going 5-0, the Elite will be the No.1 team in the MLD. It is a very small chance, but a chance none the less. The Aerial Attack are looking to stop the Elite from reaching the No.1 spot and from HalfShelledHero becoming league MVP! They may be missing the playoffs, but they still are well capable of changing the outcome of the league MVP and standings!

One thing is for sure, this final week of the MLD season is going to be HUGE for so many and so heartbreaking for the others. I cant wait to see what unfolds in this final week!



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