Dunk House: My Experience

It has been almost 5 days since the first game of Hoops I have played in Rocket League so I feel I have had plenty of time to gather a good amount of playable time to tell you what I think about this new game mode.

When I loaded into my first game I was pleased with how visually appealing it was, it looked as you would expect like a Basketball Arena. As I started to play, I was surprised at how short the court was, compared to the normal arena’s, and I was excited to hear the rubber squeaking on the court like you would hear in a real Basketball game.

This game mode is exactly what I was hoping for. It has a completely different feel to it then the regular game and “Snow Day” (the hockey mode). With Snow day it was pretty much the same thing as the regular game with exception with a sliding puck and a visually changed basic arena. Dunk House stands on its own in every way. From a real tip-off to the strategy that goes into scoring, you HAVE to switch your game style up to fit Dunk House. This gives players a refreshing feeling when you want to play Rocket League but need a break from the norm. It is harder to score and to make those saves but that is what makes it so fun!

I know, I hear a lot of complaining about the RIM! It is probably the greatest defender Rocket League has ever seen, and when you are watching the ball you aren’t paying attention to the rim that you are running into leading to an opponents goal. BUT, it is a Basketball Hoop! It has a rim and once players start to account for it, things will be fine.

I love the challenge of finding new ways to score or setting up my teammate with a great pass. With the court so short players can literally score from anywhere! In one of my games, I chased down an opponent racing towards my hoop with the ball in front of him and I … well look what I did.

REJECTED! A blocked shot turned into a 1-0 lead for my team! It was awesome and I felt like a GOD! A little later my teammate and I were able to show off our teamwork with a pass, pass, shoot and score in OT with a sweet “Alley Oop OT Winner”!

I am overall pleased with Dunk House, it is a ton of fun and I look forward to playing it going forward. I wish they would make this a RANKED mode as wall, as it is so unique and different from the regular game. We shall see if they make the decision in the future but what else could you ask for in a FREE update! Great Job Psyonix!



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