MLD Week 8 Breakdown

2 Weeks Left! The long MLD season has had many ups and downs but at last we are looking at the last 2 weeks of the regular season! Before we breakdown WK8, lets take a look at how WK7 turned out.

First we had the No.1 Flames take on the No.3 Elite in what was a on again off again performance by both teams. The Flames were able to take GM1 after tying the game at 2 with 5 seconds remaining, they went on to take GM1 in OT 3-2. In GM2 the Elite bounced back with a 3-0 shutout victory to tie the series at 1. The Flames turned up the heat in GM3 & GM4 winning 6-1 & 6-2, capturing a 3-1 series lead and locking in the series win. The Elite needed only 2 wins to clinch a Playoff spot in WK7 and in GM5 they were determined to capture it! The came out swinging in GM5, took the game 4-2, lost the series 3-2 but was able to clinch the Playoffs in the process. The Elite expressed how letting GM1 slip away from them was the backbreaker in the series, they would not move up, nor drop in standings and are the No.3 team in the MLD going into WK8 with a Playoff Spot Guaranteed. The Flames needed that series win more than the Elite and it showed, they were able to keep the momentum moving and secured the No.1 spot for the second straight week going into WK8.


The No.2 Dodgers took on the No.6 Aerial Attack in their last and final match up this season. The Elite had already clinched a Playoff spot and the Dodgers only needed 1 win to clinch the last Playoff spot for the Blue Conference. The Aerial Attack would not give it up easy as they took GM1 2-1 and continued into GM2 with great momentum. The Dodgers would edge the Aerial Attack in GM2 3-2 tying the series, knocking the Aerial Attack out of the hunt and clinching the final Playoff spot all at the same time. Besides be eliminated from Playoff contention, the Aerial Attack fought on and took GM3 3-2 and had a nice 2-1 series lead over the Dodgers. It seemed as if the Aerial Attack were going to win their first series all season when the Dodgers came back with a 7-1 beating in GM4 and another 7-1 beating in GM5. Aerial Attack had the Dodgers on the ropes but like the top contending team the Dodgers are, they came fighting back and won via KO. The Dodgers weren’t able to jump the Flames, but their records are still tied. The Flames beat the Dodgers 4-1 earlier this season awarding them the tie breaker.


As we were all waiting on the final match up of WK7 to begin, No.4 Wings v No.5 Hawks, the Wings announced they would have to forfeit the match up due to scheduling issues. This was such a big spot for the Wings as the Orange Conference is so close and any team could make the Playoffs. With the Wings forfeiting the Hawks were awarded the 5-0 series victory and it pushed the Hawks to No.4 and dropped the Wings to No.5. With the final 2 weeks ahead of us the Wings are playing the Flames, then the Dodgers who are the No.1 & No.2 teams currently in the MLD, that may look bad, but the Hawks are playing the Dodgers, then the Flames so with the Wings holding the series lead 2-1 over the Hawks and are only 3 games from tying them, it is safe to say who ever does the best against these two teams over these next two weeks will be moving on to the Playoffs!


Which brings us to the WK8 Breakdown!


The No.1 Flames take on the No.5 Wings in what could be a very interesting match up. The season series is tied at 1-1 though these 2 current set of players have never played against each other before. The Current Wings are 7-3 (not including the WK7 NCP) and this Flames team is 11-4 since Flowen joined the team. Could we see an upset? It is most certainly possible, and if the Wings beat the Flames by 3-2 or more and the Dodgers best the Hawks by 3-2 or more, the Wings might be looking at a potential Playoff Clinching opportunity when they play the Dodgers in WK9! The Flames on the other hand just need 5 wins (and or Wings losses) to Clinch the playoffs, which means, if the Flames beat the Wings by at least 3-2, the Flames will be the first Orange Conference team to clinch the Playoffs!


As I mentioned moments ago, the No.2 Dodgers take on the No.4 Hawks! The Dodgers are already in the Playoffs, what they are fighting for is the No.1 Spot in the MLD. The Hawks however have their Playoff lives on the line. The were awarded 5 wins in WK7 because the Wings had to forfeit, and now the ball is in their court! They MUST win 8 games (and or Wings losses) to clinch a playoff spot, so if the Flames were to 5-0 the Wings, that would mean the Hawks need to beat the Dodgers by at least 3-2 this week to Clinch. It is more likely that the Hawks and Wings will be fighting for a Playoff spot in the final week of the season, but this week is ALL about getting yourself in the best position possible!


The last match up on the WK8 schedule is the 2nd meeting of the No.3 Elite and the No.6 Aerial Attack. The Elite have already punched their ticket to the Playoffs where they will play the Dodgers in a Best of 7 series for the Blue Conference Championship, and the Aerial Attack have already been eliminated from Playoff contention but that does not mean this match up wont be entertaining! The Elite are looking to make a final push for the No.1 spot in the MLD and the Aerial Attack are looking to come out swinging after their WK5 sweep by the Elite. Both these teams will meet again next week in WK9 so this 10 game stretch is for nothing but pride and a bunch of fun!

I cant wait to see what WK8 unfolds and how everything will look come WK9! I hope you are all their to witness it and as always… Have Fun Out There!!



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