MLD Week 7 Breakdown!

Alright everyone, before we breakdown WK7 lets recap WK6 and see how everything played out! To start WK6 we had the #1 Dodgers face-off against the #3 Elite. In their last meeting (in WK2) the Dodgers and Elite went back and forth going into GM5 tied 2-2. Tasty Chick3n hit a game winning goal with only :17 seconds left on the clock to give the Dodgers a 3-2 WK2 series win. Well in WK6 it would go back and forth and once again going into GM5 we were all tied up at 2 a piece. With :37 seconds left in the game, a game winning goal was scored… by HalfShelledHero of the Elite, giving them a 3-2 series win in WK7 and getting a little payback as well. The Elite have pulled within 2 games of jumping the Dodgers in the Standings but would remain in 3RD Place. The Dodgers losing 2 straight series in WK5 & WK6 have dropped to 2ND Place in the standings as this marks only the 2nd week they have NOT been at #1. Great series overall!


The #5 Scarlet Wings would take on the #6 Aerial Assault on Saturday afternoon! The NEW Look Wings in their 2nd series since joining the league were looking for a BIG week to make a Playoff Push in a Conference that is really tight. The Aerial Attack were trying to keep from being eliminated from the Playoffs with a strong week to keep any chance of post season life alive. The Wings took the 1st 3 games 3-2, 4-2, & 4-1, but the Aerial Attack fought back to take GM4 5-4 and lost GM5 4-3. So with a 4-1 WK6, the Scarlet Wings set themselves up nicely, pushing themselves in a Playoff Spot (for now). The Aerial Attack on the other hand have a almost certain fate of missing the playoffs as they are 4-26 on the season and the Dodgers & Elite only need 1 and 2 games (respectively) of Wins or Aerial Loses to CLINCH the 2 Playoff Spots.


In the last game of the week the #2 Flames played the #4 Hawks in a very late Tuesday game. The last meeting between these two teams was back in WK3 when the Hawks beat the Flames 5-0. This time the Flames have a new teammate and have been 9-1 since their loss to the Hawks. In WK3 the Hawks were #2 and the Flames were #5, the Hawks going 4-6 since their last meeting has basically turned the tables for WK6. Games 1-4 were only decided by 1 goal as the Flames won 4-3, 6-5, 2-1, & 2-1. GM5 was taken by the Hawks who avoided the series sweep winning 4-2. The Flames have gone on to take 1ST Place in the Standings for the 1st time this season giving them a STRONG push for a Playoff Spot with only 3 weeks left. The Hawks were a STRONG team in the 1st half of the season as they were a TOP 3 team, 3 of the first 4 weeks. Today they sit in 5TH Place in the Standings with their destiny in their own hands as the play BOTH their Conference foes in WK7 & WK9.


So keeping with the  Hawks, lets start the WK7 Breakdown!


The #5 Hawks go into WK7 facing the #4 Scarlet Wings. If the Hawks lose this series by 3-2 or more their chances of Clinching a Playoff spot are very thin, especially when they play the Dodgers and Flames to close out the season. However, if they were to beat out the Wings and then end the season with a series win over the Flames that may be enough to get in. The Wings are looking for the MAGIC NUMBER 14, meaning any combination of Wings Wins and Hawks Loses totaling to 14 means the Wings are in. For example if the Wings beat the Hawks 5-0 in WK7, that would be 5 Wings Wins and 5 Hawks Loses = 10. The Wings would only need 4 more Wins/Hawks Loses to CLINCH the Playoffs. Needless to say this is a BIG week for both teams.


Another factor to the Wings v Hawks is the #1 Flames against the #3 Elite! The Flames could distance themselves even further and almost guarantee a Playoff Spot by WK8 if they were to take out the Elite by 3-2 or more. The Flames MAGIC NUMBER is 11, meaning any combination of Flames Wins and Hawks Loses totaling to 11. If the Flames were to beat the Elite 5-0 and the Wings were to beat the Hawks 5-0, the Flames would be 1 game away from Clinching a Playoff Spot. On the flip side of the coin, the Elite are pretty much guaranteed to CLINCH the Playoffs this week as long as the Dodgers win at least 2 games against the Aerial Attack even if the Elite are swept 0-5. That being said the Elite are still out to be #1 and this will be the 4th time this season that the Elite will be set to face the #1 team in the MLD. If the Elite are to best the Flames by 3-2 or better and the Hawks take care of the Wings, then the Orange Conference might need the last and final WK9 to determine who CLINCHES the Playoffs, when the Flames and Hawks meet for the last game of the regular season.


As I mentioned a moment ago, the last matchup of WK7 is the #2 Dodgers v the #6 Aerial Attack. The Aerial Attack hold their own destiny in their hands because even if they were to beat the Dodgers 3-2, if they lose just 2 games, the Dodgers and Elite CLINCH the Playoffs and the Aerial Attacks post season life will be gone. If they can beat the Dodgers 4-1 they will keep the Elite out of the Playoffs this week but only the Dodgers will CLINCH. If they are able to sweep the Dodgers 5-0, they will keep their hopes alive for another week! It is a long shot but they play the Dodgers this week and then the Elite in WK8 & 9, so if they were to go 15-0 these next 3 weeks they will have a CHANCE to jump the Elite to play the Dodgers in the Conference Finals. The Dodgers falling to 2ND Place this week are most likely looking to regain their #1 spot they have held pretty much all season. They are pretty much an automatic lock for the Playoffs at this point, they have the Aerial Attack this week and then their two conference foes play each other the last 2 weeks. They are one way or another a given for the Playoffs. 1 Win their IN!

Finally, with the MLD committee voting to expand the Playoff teams from 3 to 4, there will be a Conference Series Championship for both Conferences! Best of 7 series, first to 4 wins moves on. With these 2 games now official, they needed a logo right? So here are the NEW MLD Postseason Logos! The Playoffs are almost here!! It is so exciting!! #WHOSIN?

New Conference and Title Game Logos


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