What I Expect From: TMNT Mutants In Manhattan

I have been wanting to talk about this game for a long time (as I am a die hard TMNT fan) and with the release date of May 24th, there is no better time than right now to do so. The reason I have been reluctant to talk about TMNT Mutants In Manhattan is because I didn’t want to get myself excited for another TMNT game that will flop and break my heart. When I saw the very first trailer a while back, I was as excited as Andre (Black Nerd) when he first saw it. I love the art style, I love ALL the villains in the game, it is like someone FINALLY got it right!


But seeing how there hasn’t been a good TMNT game since the great Turtles In Time, I almost have this self-defense mechanism that is trying to tell me NOT to fall for it haha. But I cant deny what I see from these trailers and gameplay videos. The game looks absolutely amazing! The Turtles look great, they looks like the Ninja Turtles, like the IDW Turtles and that is fantastic. From what I have heard in the trailers, ALL the voices in the game are very well done and they fit! Bebop and Rocksteady look awesome! Shredder looks bad ass and acts bad ass, as he should! The visuals of this game really hits the nail on the head!

bebop and shredder

As much as I love my visuals… gameplay is going to be the golden key that makes or breaks this game. So before I tell you what I think about the gameplay in this upcoming TMNT game, take some time and watch this gameplay video (Warning: It is a piece of the game so if you don’t want to see ANYTHING until you play it yourself, don’t watch and just take my opinion for what it is).

….. I…. CANT….. CONTAIN MYSELF!!! Open World?! Collecting Items?!? Awesome fighting mechanics?!? Special Turtle & Turtle attacks?!?! YES PLEASE!!! Oh man, this may be the best TMNT game I have ever played! This gameplay video was focused on Mikey and man it was awesome. You can climb up walls and buildings, jump and slide on rooftop rails, parachute and glide through the air! You collect orbs and special items around the city, which looks like unlocks various items and/or powers in the game. During the fight with Bebop you can see the Turtles getting “shell shocked” when their life bar is emptied and if not revived in the desired time that Turtle is sent back to their lair to eat a bunch of hot pizza the fastest they can so they are able to return to the fight! That is pretty awesome!

tmnt dlc skins

I am in TMNT overload right now and I am 100% getting this game and I suspect it will be one of the GREATEST TMNT games of all time… I hope. But if I had to nitpick something I don’t really like, it would be the DLC skins I have seen so far. The “Samurai & Rock & Roll” skins don’t really do it for me. I would expect more skins at some point but I have to say I am not a fan of these looks on my turtles but hey, I will just stay to the original look and that is completely fine with me. I do however agree with Andre (Black Nerd) when he said he hopes there are skins for the Turtles for each version of the Turtles (80’s Cartoon & Movie, New  Movie Turtles, & Nick Turtles), I think that would be something EVERY TMNT fan would love. But overall… I cant wait for this game!



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