MLD Week 6 Breakdown

We are now on to the 2nd half of the MLD Spring Season and now more than ever each game means more and more! Week 6 is JAM packed with 3 important (possible) season changing games! If you don’t know why, don’t worry! Let me break it down for you!


First and most importantly we have the Match of the Week between rivals #1 Dodgers (17-8) v #3 RL Elite (15-10)! Let me explain why this match up is so important. These two teams have organically become the MLD’s biggest rivals since the start of the MLD season. Both teams believe they are the BEST in the league and up to this point the Dodgers have PROVED to be the true #1 all season long. The Dodgers took out the Elite in back to back weeks 8 games to 2, however that last game went right down to the wire with the Dodgers scoring with 17 seconds left on the clock in Game 5 of Week 2 to seal a 3-2 series. These two teams wouldn’t meet again until the Frozen Classic (mid-season tournament) where the Elite would take out the Dodgers and go on to become the 2016 Frozen Classic Champions. Since the first 2 weeks for these two teams the Elite have gone 13-2 and the Dodgers 9-6 so it may seem as though the Dodgers are on the way down, while the Elite are on their way up but this is why this FINAL regular season match up between these two is going to be the BIGGEST match up of the season! If it wasn’t big enough there is another layer to this scenario because if ONE of these teams beats the other by 4-1 or sweep, there is a chance that team will indeed CLINCH the very 1st Playoff spot of the Season! If the Dodgers beat the Elite 4-1 or better and the Aerial Attack lose at least 3 games, the Dodgers WILL clinch a Playoff spot, but if Elite beat the Dodgers by 4-1 or better and the Aerial Attack get swept then the Elite WILL clinch that Playoff spot! Both teams believe they are the best, as they should, and tonight we will see who will claim that title and possibly a playoff birth!


As I stated above the Aerial Attack have a hand in who does or doesn’t clinch the playoffs this week. #6 Aerial Attack’s (3-22) Week 6 match up is against the NEW Look #5 Scarlet Wings (12-13) who are coming off a 3-2 series over the former #2 Hawks in their MLD Debut! The Aerial Attack are not out of Playoff contention at this moment in time but they NEED to start adding numbers to their Win column as there is only 4 weeks left in the season. If they 3-2 or better every team for the rest of the season they have a VERY good chance to make the Playoffs especially as their last two weeks are against their conference foe RL Elite. The Scarlet Wings are looking to repeat their Week 5 success and potentially move into Playoff position! The Wings stand only 3 games back at this moment from 2nd place and only 1 game back from the #4 Hawks who are playing the #2 Flames. This is VERY good news for the Wings because it doesn’t matter WHO loses (Hawks v Flames) as long as someone 4-1’s or better the other and the Scarlet Wings take care of business with at least a 3-2 series, it would seem as though the Wings will move up to possibly 3rd Place if the Elite were to also lose 1-4 or worse!


The Orange Conference is still much to close for any team to clinch a Playoff spot at this moment BUT with the #2 Flames (15-10) v #4 Rocket Hawks (13-12) the winner of this series will be FAR FAR closer to clinching come Week 7! This is the 2nd of 3 meetings between these two teams this season, the last coming in Week 3 where the Hawks swept the Flames, no thanks to a former member of the Flames quitting after Game 3 of 5. The Flames however found a new teammate and in their first game together gave the Dodgers their 1st series loss by beating them 4 games to 1. Needless to say, the Flames raised some eyebrows around the league. The Hawks started off Week 5 making the Finals of the Frozen Classic, but lost to the Elite and then ended as I mentioned earlier dropping their series to the Wings 2-3 which has put them in danger, if they lose this series, of being on the outside looking in come Playoff time. With one series still left to play against each other after this week, it is important to the Hawks to extend their lead on the series because if the Flames go on to 4-1 or return a 5-0 to the Hawks their final series may be a Win or Go Home situation for both teams.

As you can see, Week 6 has a TON of implications and excitement surrounding it. What is clear though is that after we close the books on Week 6 we will have a clearer picture as to who will be making the Playoffs this season! Good Luck to all teams and as always, Win or Lose, Have Fun Out There!



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