MLD Sit-Down: Jaclyn881

Now that Week 5 of the MLD season is behind us I wanted to sit down with Jaclyn881 from RL Elite and get his thoughts on the league, their rough start, and the rest of the season. For those of you who don’t know, the RL Elite are 15-10 sitting at 3rd place in the MLD standings and have the biggest match of the season this week against their rivals “Dodgers”. Jaclyn881 is the current assist leader (21) and has held that spot the entire season.

HSHG: Everyone was excited to start the season, but after Week 2 The Elite was 2-8. What were your guys mindset during those 2 weeks?

J881: I knew we would be fine.. We start slow and it was new. Quite frankly, I think nerves got to us and we were too worried about scoring as opposed to having a game plan.. Once we settled down we proved to ourselves how good we can be.

HSHG: To your point you guys have since gone 13-2 in the last 3 weeks. Not only that, but you are and have been the MLD Assist leader all season long. Besides the game plan, what have you guys done differently to earn this success?

J881: I think it’s we play to each other’s strengths. My partner is great at aerial and goals and I am a great center man. So when you have someone who can pass well. And someone who can fly through the air and score well. It makes for a pretty tough combination.

HSHG: Week 6 marks the biggest series of the season for the Elite as you play your final 5 games vs the Dodgers in this regular season. You are 2-8 against them thus far but went 2-3 losing in the final moments of game 5. With a possible playoff spot on the line what is the mood and plan for you guys this week? Do you think you can take this series 3-2 or more?

J881: We feel VERY confident going into this week.. Beating the Dodgers in the frozen classic certainly didn’t hurt… I think we can easily take 3 out of 5 against them. Honestly, I’ll be disappointed if we Don’t.. And let the record show that we are 2-8 against them. But week 1 we played Tay G who is no longer in the league.. And quite frankly. He alone could beat any team in MLD. Don’t let records fool you.. I believe without a shadow of the doubt that Elite is the best team in the league.

HSHG: Speaking of the Frozen Classic, like you said, you took out he Dodgers and then the Hawks to become the 2016 Frozen Classic Champions. Your Banner will hang in the History Hall of the MLD forever. What does that title actually mean to the Elite?

J881: We are very proud of the accomplishment. And it’s a great banner to have. But it’s not the banner we want. Coming into this season all we want to do is win our division. Then we want to win the whole league.. If we don’t get the championship banner at the end of the year, than the frozen classic banner doesn’t mean much… Some could call our frozen classic win a “fluke” if we don’t go out and win the whole damn thing.

HSHG: If the Elite fail to take this series against the Dodgers, the Dodgers will have the Season Sweep and if you end up making the Playoffs you will be playing once more in a best of 7 series. With a chance to clinch the playoffs this week for both teams, what would it mean for you guys going forward and that potential playoff series IF you were to lose again this week?

J881: If is such a BIG word.. But I’ll play along.. It’s a nine week season. I am not worried about the Dodgers.. You saw what happened in the frozen classic. They were the #1 seed and what happened?? They choked hardcore, then after they played the classic, they got BLOWN out in their week 5 matchup.. So I’m not worried about the Dodgers because quite frankly. I think their a regular season team.

HSHG: If the Dodgers who have been #1 for almost the entire season doesn’t scare you, is there a team you are thinking might be under the radar that may be a problem going forward?

J881: There is. But let me preface this by saying I have yet to see the new look wings or flames… The Hawks actually put a fright into me a bit.. Lokman97 is arguably one of the best players in the league, if his partner, who looked GREAT in the frozen classic, can continue to grow.. I could see them being a force.

HSHG: Being well ahead in Assists, what would ending the Season as the Wingman of the Year mean to you?

J881: I’m not about individual awards. I want that title, but I will say it is nice to contribute. I see my partner dominate in goals and saves. And it is nice to know that I can set him up to score.

HSHG: Finally, what would you like to see from Rocket League in the future as far a DLC, game modes and so on? What would make RL that much more fun to you?

J881: Good question.. The first is I would love to see them weed out the “trolls” that play the game.. Example you miss a save and they send out the message “what a save”. No need to be a jerk. Rocket League is fun when it’s competitive but friendly competition You know what I think would be cool, if they teamed up with Nascar or something. It would be kind of cool to be able to use like Jeff Gordon’s old rainbow car I could definitely see them creating a (American) football field with the goal being the field goal posts. That would be kind of cool.

As you can see the Rivalry between the Dodgers and Elite has shaped up to be the MLD’s first great interaction between 2 good teams. With Jaclyn881 8 assists ahead of 2nd place he has a very good chance to be honored as the Wingman of the Year and the Elite hold their own destiny in their hands having a chance to call themselves MLD Champions for the Spring of 2016. I would like to thank Jaclyn881 for taking the time out to talk with me and I cant wait to see how the rest of the season unfolds!



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