MLD Week 5 Recap

There was some BIG things that came out of Week 5 of the MLD Spring Season, and a lot of good games to follow it all up! If you missed out on all the exciting action, don’t worry I will get you up to speed!

The first HUGE news of the week was the revival of the Scarlet Wings! 1 day before the team was set to be removed for the rest of the season 2 players stepped up, joined the MLD and took over the Scarlet Wings! The league would not have to drop down to a 5 team league after all! Wanting to separate the NEW Wings from the “Bad” rep left by the former players, the Wings got a facelift and so did their week 5 opponents, the Hawks!

hawks wings revamp.jpg

Then we had the first series of the week between the #4 RL Elite and #6 Aerial Attack on Thursday night! Game 1 went to the Elite by the score of 3-0 and Game 2 would start the same way. Elite took a 3-0 lead but the Aerial Attack came storming back 3-2 with only a small chuck of time remaining. The Elite would escape the comeback with a 4th goal that essentially was the dagger in Game 2. Game 3 would once again start with a 3-0 Elite lead, but the Aerial Attack once again closed the gap to 1 making it a 3-2 game with little time remaining. The Elite once again found the dagger in their 4th goal, escaping another attempted comeback. In Game 5 the Elite took control and took the 4th straight game 5-1. Trying to avoid a clean sweep the Aerial Attack came out swinging but the Elite somehow came away with a 2-1 victory and the 5-0 series sweep.  The RL Elite have moved from #4 to making their 1st appearance in the TOP 3 all season long at #3! The Aerial Attack remain at #6 and their playoffs hopes seem to be a very long shot from here with only 20 games left (4 weeks).


Then it was time for the mid-season tournament, the Frozen Classic on Sunday morning! Unfortunately the Scarlet Wings and Aerial Attack had to miss the event but the show must go on! The first game pitted rivals Dodgers and Elite against each other where the Elite got the better of the Dodgers this day and moved on to the Championship game. In the next match we had the Flames v the Hawks in a close game but in the end the Hawks had enough to win! Then it was time… the Frozen Classic Championship game between the RL Elite and the Rocket Hawks. The game started off really close but as more time ran off the clock the more behind the Hawks fell. In the end the last team standing was the RL Elite! The 2016 Frozen Classic Champions! Overall the event was a blast and everyone had fun, it was definitely a great idea by MLD Committee member gamingbear.


Immediately following the Frozen Classic the #1 Dodgers took on the #3 Flames. The Flames new member “Flowen” would score the 1st 2 goals of the game which was enough to get the Flames the Game 1 victory over the Dodgers, 2-1. As close as that game was the Dodgers seemed to lose control in Games 2, 3 & 4 being outscored 15-1 (5-0, 7-1 & 3-0). With a clean sweep on the horizon the Dodgers pulled out all the stops and for once in this series actually looked like them selves winning Game 5 (4-2) and avoiding the 5-0 sweep. This marked the first losing series the Dodgers have had all season long. Lag was said to be a problem in this series and that is never a good thing for any team. Hopefully going forward this wont be an issue. The Dodgers still remain at #1 going into week 6, but their 5 game 1st place lead has been cut to 2 games! The Flames have moved from #3 to #2 and share a 15-10 record with the Elite, which means BOTH teams are only 2 games out of 1st place!


Finally the Sunday night match up between the #2 Hawks and the NEW #5 Wings. Flowen wasn’t the only player making their MLD debut in week 5, MaloneGamingLP and AreYouHurt took over the Wings to start Week 5 and they were looking to make a statement! In Game 1 the Hawks would hand the Wings a 4-3 defeat getting an early leg up on the series. The Wings would not back down and fired back at the Hawks winning Games 2 & 3 by the tune of 4-2 & 5-1. Just when it seemed the Wings had taken control, the Hawks came back and put up 5 goals of their own in a 5-3 Game 4 win. With the series on the line Game 5 could only go one way… and that was down the middle! It was so close and back and forth replicating what we had seen all series long, but in the end the Wings got the edge in a close 3-2 game taking their first series of the season and keeping the Wings in playoff contention! This marked the 3rd 3-2 series in MLD history and back to back 3-2 series losses for the Hawks. This means that the Hawks have fallen from #2 to #4 but only sit 2 games back from 2nd place. The Wings unfortunately will stay at #5 (due to the NPC’s accumulated by the previous players) but with this victory they are 1 game behind the Hawks and 3 games out of 2nd place!


Overall this was a really fun week for the MLD. All new comers had impact games which have definitely mixed things up in the standings. Week 6 is right around the corner and for that, be sure to catch the MLD Week 6 Breakdown coming later this week! Week 6 has HUGE playoff implications so make sure you tune it and keep up because the Playoffs are on their way!



3 thoughts on “MLD Week 5 Recap

    1. All joking aside… We have created a really interesting and fun rivalry for the MLD and our game next week will be the BIGGEST in our short History. I’m glad to be a part of it. Especially because we are going to win 😂

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      1. Ha no I’m really looking forward I’m sort of glad we lost this week because its put in perspective that there is still to of work for us Dodgers to do. Cant wait for our match up… when we win 😉

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