MLD Week 5 Breakdown

The Scarlet Wings are back! The day before the deadline where the Wings would be taken out of the league for the rest of the season 2 players stepped up to take the wheel and the MLD is now 6 teams strong once more! This means for the first time since Week 2, the league will have 3 games played this week! With the full roster ready to go, it makes for some interesting matchups and some fun scenarios for ALL teams and a race for the 2nd place spot! So lets break it down!


First up on the card is the #4 RL Elite (10-10) and the #6 Aerial Attack (3-17) who are set to touchdown at 8PM EST tonight (Thursday, April 7th)! The Aerial Attack are looking for their 1st winning series this season and against the Elite it could be very possible! The Elite have only 1 winning series that wasn’t due to a NCP (Non Compete Penalty) and it came last week in a 3-2 series over the Rocket Hawks. If the Aerial Attack are able to take a series tonight to start Week 5 they still have plenty of time to catch a 3rd place spot before the playoffs. On the other side the Elite have been up and down all season long. They were swept in their first series of the year vs the Dodgers before TayG was replaced, and the very next week the Elite almost pulled off a 3-2 series against the Dodgers but then new comer Tasty Chick3n hit a game winning goal in game 5 with 15 seconds left leaving the Elite with a 2-3 series. The following week the Elite could not play their game as the former members of the Wings disbanded and resulted in the Elite gaining a 5-0 week. They then got back on track last week with a 3-2 victory over the Hawks. They currently sit only 1 game back from 2nd Place and if they get help from the Dodgers and the Wings as well as winning this series against the Aerial Attack, the Elite could be sitting at #2 in the MLD.


In Week 5 it will be the #1 Dodgers (16-3) vs the #3 Flames (11-9) in this 1 and only meeting this season. The Flames are coming off 2 weeks of hell and are looking to finally right the ship. They started slow in week 1 losing to the Wings (and their former members) 4-1 but quickly corrected their play and swept the Aerial Attack in Week 2. In Week 3 1 of the Flames members rage quit after the Hawks came back to win in a epic Game 3 match and Flash-Killer127 finished the series with an AI teammate but was then swept 5-0 by the Hawks. In Week 4 the Flames found a new player but the Wings still didn’t have replacement players so the Flames received a 5-0 NPC much like the Elite in Week 3. So similar to the Elite, we don’t really know what to except from the Flames in Week 5, especially with their new teammate who is making his MLD debut. If the Flames are able to take a series from the Dodgers in a sweep, they will be then tied for 1st place in the league! If they win the series in 4 or 3, they will have a strong case for 2nd place with the help from the Aerial Attack and the Wings. The Dodgers on the other hand have been dominating all season long with 5-0 and 4-1 series. Their only close call was against the Elite in that 3-2 series I mentioned earlier. If they can continue that trend they will remain the #1 team in the MLD and create an even bigger distance from the other teams. If they were to 5-0 or 4-1 the Flames, they wouldn’t be out of reach quite yet, but it would beg the question… Who is going to beat these guys?


Our Final match of Week 5 will be the #2 Rocket Hawks (11-9) vs the NEW #5 Scarlet Wings (9-11). The Hawks only real big loss came from their Week 2 match up against the former Wings where they were swept 5-0, so coming off a close loss in a 3-2 series to the Elite last week the Hawks are looking to cement their place as one of the top teams in the MLD. Out of the last 4 weeks the Hawks have only been out of the Top 3 during 1 week and that was after the loss to the former Wings. They are looking for the Dodgers and the Aerial Attack to win their series to help clear out the Top 3 but if they were to lose another series here, the Hawks will probably be looking from outside in because the Wings are only 2 games back as well. The NEW found Wings need to take the series 4-1 to jump the Hawks in the standings as they will have beat the Hawks twice and in a 12-12 tie, the Wings would have the tie breaker for the season. That being said winning 2 to 3 games in this series would be good enough for the Wings if the Dodgers and Aerial Attack take out the Flames and the Elite.

After all is said and done this week, I am very interested to see how much the standings will be shook up and who will be sitting where in the standings. Either way it is going to be fun to watch and Good Luck to all the teams!



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