Yes! It is true! HalfShelledHeroGaming.Wordpress.Com is now HalfShelledHeroGaming.Com! I am finally rid of the subsite and HSHG stands alone! This is a great moment for me as it comes during a time of great pride. Last night if you didn’t catch the Epic Aerial Podcast (which if you didn’t, you should start doing!), they revealed their new look, equipped with new logo, overlays, wallpapers, and social media banners! Why is their look so important to me you ask? Well… I created it!

Epic Aerial Revamp.jpg

For those of you who don’t know, I am also a graphic designer and I have done a lot of work over the last few years for multiple businesses and social media personalities. While all that is a feat all on its own, watching their reactions and the comments from their viewers was just heart warming and is something I definitely will not forget. This is why I decided to add on a NEW page to my site titled DESIGN WORK so anyone who is interested in having some Graphic Design work done by me can check out some of my previous work and click the link on the page to get in contact with me directly!

On top of all that, I have decided that my NEW .Com would not be complete without my own STORE! I now have a Store linked to the top of the page and it gives you access to HSHG Tee’s and Hoodies (more to come soon)!  Go check it out and see for yourself, BUT I warn you… you may be tempted to buy 1!

This is a day I want to celebrate and remember for a long time. I hope that the good times keep rolling and this leads me back on the path to my dreams and all of my goals!



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