MLD Player Profile: King_Panda4

This week I wanted to sit down with a member of the best team in the MLD thus far, the Dodgers. King_Panda4 (or @the1gamingbear on twitter) has been the captain of the Dodgers since the league was created and has had 2 different teammates in the short 3 weeks of the league and STILL the Dodgers stand tall at 12-3 on the season. I wanted to sit down with the Captain and talk about the success the team has been enjoying.

HSHG: We are entering Week 4 of the MLD season, you have had 2 teammates and still the Dodgers are #1 for the 2nd time in 3 weeks. What do you contribute the Dodgers early success to?

KP4: Well there is one consistent factor in this situation and that is… Me! But seriously I think my first teammate was ridiculously good and in reality I didn’t have to do much. I was unsure how well me and my new team mate would work together on the pitch especially as we had no practice time before match 2 but we seem to have some form of understanding of what the other one is doing and have formed a degree of cohesion in how we play together. I guess this anticipation of not only what is happening in the match but what each other is doing is reason for our early success. Thatย and we both enjoy playing Rocket League, that always helps

HSHG: Keeping with the theme, In the Dodgers 15 games this season, you have a +26 goal differential, how are you able to out score your opponents every week?

KP4: ย I think it comes down to a general understanding between me and my teammate; we seem to be able to score goals individually but also quite often assisting each other, a seemingly unplanned tactic that seems to work for the Dodgers is the old put a difficult ball across the goalmouth, we seem to have scored a few goals this way. Obviously we have had a few crazy results like the 8-0 against Aerial Attack (sorry about that guys) I think that came down to confidence and taking our chances. On a personal level when I play without restriction and slightly more aggressive I feel I contribute more and can limit the opponents chances.

HSHG: You were one of the first players to join the MLD, are you happy with the way things are going with the league? Is it what you expected it to be when you joined? And where do you see the MLD in the future?

KP4: Yeah I love it. I really enjoy Rocket League and was looking to get more into some sort of community scene with the game one with a competitive edge to it. Knowing I wasn’t an all star player but relatively competent at the game the MLD seemed ideal. So far I have enjoyed the league, obviously with the Dodgers winning their first 3 series helps but I really love the community atmosphere on Twitter, so many gifs! Also I like the effort made to make the league seem almost official with the standings, team names/logos, stats, etc. Only downside is the few withdrawals that have happened but now we have a strong core of players and teams who all contribute to the league and hopefully that enthusiasm will inspire more folk to join in the fun. I hope by the summer championship we will have at least 8 teams and can continually grow… Is this going to take long I need to shower ๐Ÿ˜›

(Always the comedian this guy! I think the success has gone to his head haha)

HSHG: Early on the Dodgers seem to have a clear cut rival in the Elite. You took 8 of the first 10 games of the season series and the Elite have vowed to take you down in your WK 6 meeting which will be the last match against one another for the rest of the regular season. What do you expect to see in that match up?

KP4: It’s going to be close, if you look at the last series, which we won 3-2 just to remind you ๐Ÿ™‚ the games were very close and it went all the way to the last game, which thankfully we won! I expect another close match up and I’m sure both teams will have improved since the last match up. I think we can edge it again, I feel I am starting to form a good bond with my teammate on and off the pitch but we won’t be complacent and no doubt the Elite will be hungry for revenge. Regardless if we win or lose that match up I’m looking forward to it and no doubt it will be great fun.

HSHG: You recently became a member of the MLD committee and in that short time you pitched the idea for a MVP system, All-Star Game, and the Frozen Classic, and they all will be implemented in the league. What do you hope to do going forward for the MLD? And what is it like seeing your ideas come to life?

KP4: Primarily I’m hoping to try attract more players to the MLD and hopefully by coming up with new, fun ideas will help contribute to this goal. It’s pretty cool seeing your ideas come to life, I like to think generally I have decent ideas but you never know until you tell them to other people but using the All Star game as an example, the MLD community received the idea well and that feels good. As long as I’m part of the MLD and I plan on being a part of it for a long time, I will always try and be active within the community and mainly just have fun. That’s what gaming is about for me, fun.

HSHG: Oh I always thought it was about breaking other gamers spirits for you ๐Ÿ˜

KP4: That helps too, I feed on others souls and desperation!

HSHG: Finally, I ask this to every player I interview, what would you like to see from Rocket League in the near future as far as DLC, game modes, etc?

KP4: To be honest the core mode of Rocket League satisfies me more than enough although I am intrigued by the newly announced hoops mode as that might help my aerial work. I don’t think I will ever get bored of the core experience especially when playing with friends. Maybe they will do a game mode where there are four teams on the pitch and four goals but that would just be crazy! But for me the game is as near as perfect can be.

HSHG: Awesome, thank you for taking the time out to chat with me, I am sure we will see you in the Free Agent market at the end of the Season ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ™Š.

KP4: Not a problem, I doubt it, I can see many teams wishing to pay a seemingly extortionate fee for my services!

On the field this man and the Dodgers are my rivals and I hate their guts with the passion of a thousand suns!!! But off the field King_Panda4 has been someone who is passionate about the MLD and the game of Rocket League. He has been successful on and off the field for us and we hope to have him around for a long time… as long as he loses the next 5 games to the Elite!

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