MLD Frozen Classic!

With the exciting world that is the NHL Playoffs coming up, the MLD would like to announce the special “Hockey” event “Frozen Classic”! The Frozen Classic will be a Mid-Season tournament that will include every MLD team in a 1 game knockout bout using the Snow Day settings!

The Frozen Classic will be a ONE day event where all teams get together to play a total of 5 games. You could be out after the 1st game or you could be playing in the Championship, either way everyone is going to be there to have a good time!

The seeding for the tournament will be the current standings at the time of the start of the one day event. So #1 vs #6, #2 vs #5 & #3 vs #4, the team that wins by the most goals will move to the Championship game and the remaining 2 teams will play 1 game to see who moves on. If the Scarlet Wings don’t find 2 players by April 8th they will be removed from the league, which will leave only 5 teams in the league, and the format will go as followed: #4 vs #5 > winner moves on to play #1 (#1 vs #4/#5), and #2 vs #3. Winners move on to the Championship game.

Stats, Wins, and Losses will not count toward the regular season total but the Winning team of the Frozen Classic will be forever immortalized in the History Section of the MLD Website along with FREE Computer & Phone “Frozen Classic Champions” Wallpaper and twitter banners for the team and individual accounts (if you want to show it off)!


The MLD would also like to announce our end of season ALL-STAR Game! The committee all agreed on the idea and so it is! The finer details still need to be worked out but the details we can share is that it will be 4 v 4 and a 10 minute time limit! With the Scarlet Wings still in limbo it is hard to nail down exact specifications for the event. Maybe some mutators, unlimited boost, pinball?  All we know is, it is going to be FUN! So stay tuned to MLD on twitter and our OFFICAL WEBSITE for more news and updates on the league!

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