Rocket League: Season 2 Issues

This is going to be a first for me because I have never had an article to complain about anything before today, especially about Rocket League (as you all know I love Rocket League and everything Psyonix has done). But I have had this idea for this particular article in my head for a couple weeks now and I finally feel bothered enough to make it happen.

When the news broke about Season 2 of Rocket League I was jumping for joy about almost everything! We were getting crowns for our highest rank, the old ranking system was being replaced by this NEW and AWESOME system that would take the focus off winning every game and more on your individual performance, there was going to be a bunch of items you could unlock by playing the game and I ate it all up. Sadly I don’t think it has worked out in the way that Psyonix had hoped.

Let me start out with the biggest of issues, the ranking system. I play enough Rocket League to know how well or how bad I am doing over a period of time and I know the new ranking system is not favored by individual performance. There has been NUMEROUS times where I have been on the winning side of the ball with the least amount of points on my team and been promoted at one point or another. Even more so there has been MORE times where I have killed it on the field with 700, 800 or even 1000 points and lost in multiple games and been demoted TWICE AS FAST!

The ranking system STILL is heavily influenced by WINS and LOSSES no matter your individual performance and that is disappointing. It also is frustrating when myself and my teammates win our first 7 of 10 games and maybe go up from Division II to Division IV but after those last 3 losses we are literally hanging on to our rank at Division I. It seems like the penalty of losing is 2 or 3 times heavier than the reward for winning and that is pretty annoying.

Another topic I wanted to cover is the Unlockables. Maybe it is just me, but every time I get a new unlockable item that is something I have already unlocked it annoys the hell out of me, simply for the fact that next to that item it has a number telling you how many of that particular item you have. But you cant do ANYTHING with those extra items!! What is the point?! Will we be able to trade the extras in for new stuff when Season 3 comes along?? If not then this was a pretty weird and illogical move by Psyonix.

Finally, MOST Rocket League players continue to be nothing but scumbags. There is plenty of these types of players in every game but the NEW “Report” system doesn’t seem to do anything besides give the reporting player a sense of false hope that the TOXIC player they are reporting will be brought to justice. All the while they are off spreading their TOXIC fumes to the other good people in the Rocket League community. I know that Psyonix has more important things to do than babysit, but there has to be a way to get rid of, or even SEPERATE the TOXIC players so they don’t ruin the game for the good guys around the world.

How has your experience been with Season 2? Are you okay with how things are? What would you like changed or added on for Season 3?

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6 thoughts on “Rocket League: Season 2 Issues

  1. I’m going to have to check out the new season myself soon but those definitely sound like concerning issues! And nothing demoralizes playing ranked games like being demoted twice as fast.

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  2. Sadly this “Season” of Rocket League has been a complete let down. Everything in your post was spot on. Their new ranking system HEAVILY punishes you for a couple of losses, whereas to gain any ground you need to win ten times as many games. A few hours worth of matches won can easily be undone by 2-3 losses. It’s literally encouraging you to simply “grind” matches, especially with the new “division” system among each “rank”. With 5 divisions per rank, and it taking A LOT of wins to simply climb up each division… It’s a treadmill. People have said “Well if you are at that point you have plateaued in skill and that is where you are supposed to be”. I can kind of understand that if you had a set roster you play with every day and as a team you guys are at your current best but if you are like a lot of us, you are queuing into 3’s ranked by yourself, so you might not really be just hitting a skill wall you have to also factor in you could be matched up with teammates who are worse than you, or against a team who has a full party consisting of two high ranked players who are playing with a friend who is a low rank. There are so many factors that the “plateau” argument is invalid. The new ranking system is just as bad as the last system. You are punished for losses far to harshly, a couple wins may gain you 5-8 points (in the old system) then a single loss could lose you 11 points putting you in the negative for point gain. Same thing is happening in the new system it’s just hidden by division numbers and rank titles.

    And the community is… fucking horrible. I love this game. I’ve sunk damn near 900 hours into it since PC launch. Sure the Report feature is a nice gesture but we have no idea what Psyonix is doing with the reports we send in. Is there a set amount before a user is flagged for review? Does each report get a review? Everyone says “lol just turn off chat, or git gud” I’m sorry but if your childish racist bigotry behavior cannot be controlled you need to be in unranked games, hell not even playing. If League of Legends can curb at least some of their toxic players then Rocket League can too, and LoL has free account sign ups… People who are complete racist assholes in RL aren’t going to go drop another $15-30 for a copy of the game if they were banned every time for their toxic behavior. I should not have to shut off chat because others cannot control themselves. Maybe I’m just old and jaded in my 30’s but I get fucking tired of obvious teenagers going on about race, sexual choice, etc There’s a reason I don’t play games on Xbox Live it’s too avoid that shit. I don’t play a game to have to deal with the video game version of 4chan. And the subreddit for RL is not helpful in this matter, you try to spark discussion on it, you try and help bring light to the seedy underbelly toxic community that is growing more rapidly in ranked games and people there just keep on with the same rhetoric.. “mute chat if you dont want to see it” “grow the fuck up” “deal with it faggot” etc…

    I really love RL. I’m not some pro at the game but I am not a noob either. I watch the pro matches on Youtube / Twitch, I try to keep up with pro team roster changes and amazing plays, I play / practice damn near daily. But the ranking system that holds down the individual player and the toxicness that is growing in ranked is very rapidly making me not want to ever touch ranked play again and just wash my hands of what otherwise is an amazing game. Thanks for writing something about this, it gets no attention, the subreddit pushes most of this under the rug and no one seems to give a shit about it on Youtube / Twitch unless you’re sharing a cool trick shot montage or great pro level gameplay series..

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    1. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Bravo my man, Bravo. The nail couldn’t of been hit more on the head. You are 100% right in every way here. Now I have a suggestion for you because I would hate to see someone who LOVES RL quit. If you are a first time reader of mine you might not know that I started my own RL League. It’s called Minor League Doubles and it is for Challenger Elite level or below, the website is MinorLeagueDoubles.Wix.Com/2016, but before you make a quick decision let me just tell you that we focus on 2 things, FUN & Community. We DO NOT tolerate and TOXIC behavior at all. Players have been banned from our league for just that. We are about to enter the 4th week of our Season and are looking for 2 players to fill a team that left during week 3. Right now there is 10 great players who all have fun on Twitter (that is where the MLD community is) and we all practice and play together almost daily. @MLDoubles is the handle, you should check us out, I think you would be a perfect fit because like most of us in the League, we were tired of the TOXIC community that plagues the game. Click on the MLD category of my blog and ALL of the news for it is right in there! I hope you are interested and join! Thank you again for the comment!


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