MLD Week 3 Recap

Week 3 is in the books and it was the Leagues worst week since it began. The week began with full speed after ending Week 2 on a good note and there was some great match ups ahead of every team. Week 3 would see the #3 Flames take on the #2 Hawks, the #2 Dodgers face the #6 Aerial Attack and the #5 Elite promised to “Shock the World” when they took on the #1 Scarlet Wings. The stage was set and the Flames and Hawks were set to go on a Special Thursday Night edition of the MLD!

The Hawks came out swinging in game 1 and 2 taking both game 4-2 and 3-0, but the Flames were far from out of it. They held a strong 1-0 lead for almost all of game 3 until the Hawks put up 2 straight goals to steal the victory. Going into game 4 is when the tide for the entire week seemed to change, Sarkie99 blew a fuse after the comeback lose and rage quit during the middle of the series. He was immediately banned by the league and Flash_Killer127 finished the last 2 games with an AI teammate (6-0 & 4-3 Hawks). Flash was commended publicly by the League and other players and teams on twitter that same night. The next day the Flames would find a new teammate and be whole once again. It will be fun to see how they fair in their next game.


The Elite and the Wings were supposed to be the next game on the schedule for Saturday at 7pm EST but Ultimate Vanquish of the Wings told the league that he was unable to connect with his partner so the game would be moved.

Next up was the Dodgers and the Aerial Attack and boy did it start off great! The game ended in OT by the score of 1-0 and it was an epic match up to say the least. But then the Dodgers took the series by storm outscoring the Aerial Attack 18-2 in the next 4 games (8-0, 3-0, 4-1, 3-1 Dodgers). The Dodgers are the first team to hit double digits in the W column and they are boasting a +26 goal differential!


By the end of Sunday night the Scarlet Wings officially disbanded and that lead to a NCP (Non Compete Penalty) which gave the Wings 5 Loses for the week and the Elite was granted an empty 5-0 victory. However the MLD committee met and agreed upon the Elite doubling the stats they get for week 4 to make up for their disadvantage for week 3. As for the Wings the league is on the hunt for 2 Free Agents that would take over the Wings for the rest of the season. However if the Wings are not complete with in a certain amount of time they will be shelved for the season and all stats (including W-L) will be removed from the league and from teams they played against, as if they never played. We hope 2 players out there will hear the call and join the MLD before this would happen!


We are looking forward to a great Week 4 and everything else the MLD has to offer including an ALL-STAR game at the end of the Season and an MVPR (Most Valuable Player Rating) which was though of by one of the great MLD Committee members (Gaming Bear!). For more on the MLD go to our OFFICAL WEBSITE or FOLLOW us on twitter.

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