UFC2: My Heavyweight Career

So I finally finished my 1st career in UFC2 and to be honest, I really enjoyed it. I could bang out about 3 to 4 fights in maybe 20 minutes or even less depending on how quickly the fight ended. The training before each match helped me learn more about what I needed to do to survive in the octagon and once I got the hang of a certain workout I could just sim it and get the result of my best score. After every match you gain or lose fans, lose longevity (the life span of your fighter) and gain credits to use to upgrade your fighter. I really liked how this mode was very fluent and fast paced. One problem I had at the very beginning that has nothing to do with Career Mode was I could not use my computer to update my face for the game. The Game Face I had to use was from 5 or 6 years ago, but UFC2 has a great face sculpting option so I was able to somewhat make it more like me. I mean it does resemble me in a lot of ways… but it does not look exactly like me. But lets get to my actual career!


20-3 was my final record! 19 KO’s and 1 decision and I was KO’d twice and submitted once, not bad I would say! I was able to capture the Heavyweight Title twice, the final time I kept the championship all the way into retirement. Even though UFC2 does not have a Friend/Rivalry system, I most definitely had a Rival in Big Foot Silva. He was the Champion the entire time I was climbing up the ranks. I got the opportunity to face him and it was tough as hell, the toughest opponent of my career, but I knocked him out in a late round to become Champion for the 1st time. I successfully defended my title in my next fight and then was given a rematch with Silva… (face palm).

Needless to say I lost, the dude can take a punch and I used all my energy trying to knock the dude out that I ended up getting knocked out myself. Okay, I lost but I will get my rematch right? I mean its 1-1… It took me 7 more fights to get my championship rematch with him! After every fight I thought okay, I got my rematch, only to find out I didn’t and here is the thing, I was actually winning fights in a dominate fashion (far more than I was before I won the title). After that 7th fight I got a message saying that I couldn’t take much more as a fighter and that it was close to the end, and then I got my rematch! I was so psyched! This was literally my last chance, my fighters longevity bar was almost at “retirement” and I knew if I lost this match it was it for me.

So I took the moment for what it was, I soaked in the my entrance and thought about where I started and how far I had come. The bell rings and we touch gloves…. and then I knocked that mother f@#$er out in the 1st round!! “HELL YEAH!” I screamed! “You ain’t got !@#$ on me!”, I was over excited to say the least. So now I am a 2x Heavyweight Champion! I go back to the menu and I get a message saying this is my last fight (as my longevity bar was on “retirement”) and guess who my last fight is against? Yup! Big Foot Silva!

So I go into my last fight as Heavyweight Champion and I am feeling good about my fight. I’ve beat him 2 of the last 3 and if I beat him here I retire as Champion and that is exactly what I did. I had a rough start, he almost knocked me out in the 2nd round but I ended up knocking him out in round number 4. After my Championship defense my longevity increased! I was no longer over “retirement”, wait what! I get another fight! It makes sense I’m the Champion and I’ve won my last 9 fights! I get back to the menu and I get a message saying “you had a great career but this is the end” and that was it. No award or UFC Hall of Fame award, nothing! It was just over… that sucked.

What sucked even worse was that I didn’t get 1 “Fight of the Night” or “KO of the Night” even though I had 19 KO’s!!! Including this beauty!

(if this video is not playing just simply click on my name and it is pinned to my Twitter Profile page… It is giving me issues)

How could THIS not be a KO of the Night or even of the YEAR! Come on! On top of that @EASPORTSUFC didn’t even bother to “like” or “RT” my video, I’m being shunned all over the place!

Overall I had a fun ride in my Heavyweight career, I really enjoyed it a lot more than previous games and I may start a new career in another division… I really want to fight Conor Mcgregor! Again this is just another instance where I am glad I chose to pass on the Division to pick up UFC2, it will be in my collection for quite sometime!

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