MLD Player Profile: Lokman97

We are about to enter the 3rd week of the MLD season and there have been many players who have stood out from the pack, one of those players is Lokman97. I caught up with the Week 2 MVP to get his thoughts on the tough loss to the Scarlet Wings and the season ahead.

HSHG: Last Week you were in the Match of the Week when you played against the then No.2 Scarlet Wings. Your teams were pretty even going into that match up. Unfortunately once the series started, the wheels seemed to fall off for you guys. What do you think went wrong in that 0-5 series?

Lokman: I think it was just me having a bad day. I am not saying that we would of won against the Wings if I was doing better because those guys were pretty damn good! But I missed most of my aerials and aiming at the goal wasn’t going well when I had the opportunity to score. But I think we all have those days.

HSHG: Following that 0-5 series you moved from No.3 to No.4, this week you play the new No.3 Flames. If you take at least 4 out of the 5 games you could regain that No.3 spot. What is your mind set going into Week 3? Do you think you can sweep the Flames?

Lokman: I think we could win a few games. Don’t know what to expect from the Flames because they are getting really good! I’ve seen them hitting more aerials and become really accurate when I played with or against them. But winning 5-0 would be hard I think.

HSHG: Only 2 weeks have passed in the MLD Season but as of right now you are 1st in Scoring and 2nd in Saves what do you think makes you one of the best players in the MLD thus far?

Lokman: I’ve been playing a lot of rocket league since it came out and the longer you play you try to do more things besides waiting on the ground to clear the ball. I’ve been trying to fly more and more and those flying skills are useful while playing goalie or trying to block someone’s shots! A tip for helping someone hit a aerial shot; what I do is try to predict where you and the ball will cross each other to hit it perfectly. This game takes a lot off practice but you gotta be patient! Things will get better with time. Oh and don’t hesitate! Just go for it!

HSHG: There is 7 weeks, 35 games left in the Regular season. Do you think you, the Hawks will be 1 of the 3 teams fighting for the 1st MLD title??

Lokman: Yes I think so! We are getting better every week in my opinion. But of course this is very challenging because there are other great teams!

HSHG: So if it’s not the Hawks who win the Championship, who do you think will be the 1st MLD Champions??

Lokman: Damn thats hard, I hesitate between the Dodgers and the Scarlet Wings! Both are great teams but I think it’s gonna be the Scarlet wings.

HSHG: Finally what would you like to see from Rocket League as their next DLC?

Lokman: I would love to see a big DLC with new cars and game modes. I’ve played a lot of super sonic acrobatic rocket powered battle cars on my ps3 and what i really miss is they had mini games like you had to win a 1v3 game but you could only score from your own zone and if you go to the other side you will get destroyed, or play a 1v1 game with wind so you had to keep the ball close to you and those two are really useful training modes. With the wind game mode for example you had to control the ball by keeping it in front of you and a 1v3 game mode where you to score from your own zone, I mean we all have those games where your teammate(s) leave the game because it’s not going well and with those training modes from super sonic you could actually win a 1v2 or 3 game. And for the cars I would love to see more cars that are used in movies like Ghostbusters or fast and furious and other movies!

As the Hawks go into Week 3 to take on the Flames, despite dropping 5 games last week to the Wings, you can’t overlook arguably the best player in the league. I am interested to see how this game will turn out for both teams and look forward to one hell of a match up.

Thank you Lokman97 for taking the time out to chat and good luck to you and the Hawks!

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