HOTS: Toxic Players

Yesterday I wanted to jump on Heroes of the Storm as I had not played in a few days. I have become very fond of HOTS and I have played it more than I have Diablo as of late. But there is one thing HOTS has that Diablo doesn’t… and that one thing is driving me away from the game. TOXIC PLAYERS!!!

I was on a good roll almost have my Necromancer to LvL 10 (1 good game away from LvL 9 right now) and I had been playing mainly online games and that’s where it started to get difficult. No, I don’t mean in skill, I mean difficult to find myself WANTING to play the game. I couldn’t go 2 games without someone swearing at someone else, calling them names, acting like an immature, uneducated child. Some of these people are relentless with their childish behavior and while you can block them and report them, the damage has already been done. They RUIN the game for everyone. They make team communication difficult to utilize and if everyone ends up blocking and reporting that TOXIC player, they will try and sabotage the team by doing anything not to help.

Because of this I had played most of my games against the AI over the last week. There is no TOXIC environment this way, you can ENJOY the game for what it is, WIN or LOSE. The problem with this is, you don’t get a lot of XP points and as I am trying to get my Necro to LvL 10 and beyond it seems almost impossible. So after a 3 day break I thought, “hey, let me try and get an online game in”. BIG MISTAKE! I entered a game and for the first half it was okay, no one was talking, didn’t seem like we were working together but I’m not going to complain about it. But then 2 holier than thou players started blowing their tops after we started losing ground and I just had it. They were complaining about the whole team but I took it upon myself to take the blunt of the TOXIC assault.

I came back at them and it made them even more TOXIC, throwing insults and telling me to delete my game and die and everything else in the book. After the game ended I didn’t even want to play anymore (even though I did, if you know what I mean). They ruined it for me because when I think “I want to play HOTS”, I don’t think about getting XP for my Necro or trying a new character, I think about all these TOXIC scumbags who take joy in ruining the game for good people. Will I play again? Maybe… but I don’t think I am ever going to play online again.

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