MLD Week 2 Recap!

Week 2 of the MLD season was a very strange one to say the least. Before the games were even played the leading scorer in the league TayGarrett999 was released by the league and the Dodgers, and the Scarlet Wings released Evil-Rican from the team as well. The players were let go for similar reasons as both were unavailable to their team for practice and scheduling game times. But when one door closes another one opens and the MLD doors were open to Tasty Chick3n who was picked up by the Dodgers and DiaperSniper717 who went to the Wings.

The first bout of the week was a rematch from week one Dodgers (5-0) VS Elite (0-5). With TayGarrett999, who scored 23 of the Dodgers 25 goals, out of the picture the question was, would King_Panda4 and Tasty Chick3n be up to the task of repeating a sweep of the Elite. That question was answered in Game 1 as the Elite took an early W with a 3-2 win but the Dodgers answered back in Game 2 taking it 5-3. The Dodgers kept the pressure on taking a close Game 3 3-2 taking the series lead 2-1. Not wanting to lose 4 straight games and 9 of 10, the Elite charged back with a 6-2 victory tying up the series 2-2 which gave the MLD its first Game 5 decision and oh boy was it a great game! The game was so close all the way through as it was 3-3 with under a minute left when Tasty Chick3n hit a game winning long shot with only 17 seconds on the clock. Thrilling on one side and heartbreaking on the other, this series was the best the MLD has seen all season long. These 2 teams have only 5 more games to play against each other and that comes in Week 6  (April 17th).


The second bout of the week came early Sunday where the Flames (1-4) took on the Aerial Attack (1-4). Game 1 was close but the edge went to the Flames 4-3 and Game 2 was just as close until the final moments of the game when the Flames caught fire (pun intended) and took a 4-1 victory. That late 4-1 loss seemed to shake the Aerial Attack as they came out in Game 3 rattled and dropped another game to the Flames to the tune of 5-1. In Game 4 Aerial Attack seemed to get their wheels under them but was unable to stop the Flames in a close game losing 2-0. In the final Game 5 bout it was as close as Game 1 had been but once again the Flames took the edge with a 3-2 victory, completing the second sweep of the MLD season. The Aerial Attack couldn’t seem to get the edge on the Flames and it cost them 5 games of the season. This was the only time these 2 teams would play for the rest of the regular season.


The final bout of the week came Sunday night with the “Game of the Week” between the Rocket Hawks (4-1) and the Scarlet Wings (4-1) who both had great Week 1 series. Game 1 lived up to the hype as it was close with the Wings taking the W 2-1. From Game 2 on, the Wings seemed to take control of the series knocking off the Hawks 4-2, 5-1, 5-2, and finally 7-4. The Wings showcased their talent and made a huge push for the No.1 team in the league with the 3rd sweep of the MLD season, while the Hawks seemed to slip up in a big way dropping out of the coveted Top 3. The Hawks do have 10 games left against the Wings (5 in week 5 / 5 in week 7) to redeem their selves and take back their division.


To wrap it all up the Wings took the No.1 spot from the Dodgers, the Flames moved 2 spots from No.5 to No.3 while the Aerial Attack dropped 2 spots from No.4 to dead last. Going into Week 3 the No.5 Elite (2-8) will have another tough bout against the No.1 Scarlet Wings (9-1), the No.4 Rocket Hawks (4-6) have a chance to get back on their wheels as they take on the red hot Flames (6-4) who look to continue to climb the charts. Finally the No.2 Dodgers (8-2) will take on the No.6 Aerial Attack (1-9). Will we see an upset? Who will be in the Top 3 after Week 3? All questions will be answered by the end of next Sunday! For more STATS and information go to the MLD Official Website!

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5 thoughts on “MLD Week 2 Recap!

  1. Just wanted to drop a note on how great your graphics are. You really have some creative and polished custom images! It is really cool how the league is taking off as well. Have you gotten any feedback/buy-in/rewards sponsorship from Psyonix?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you very much, if you ever need anything graphics related just send me a message and we can work something out. Yeah, the league is off to a good start, I am happy with the way it is going but still have about 9 weeks until the end of the season so I am excited for what is ahead. I have not received anything from any company at this point, I highly doubt that they even know we exist. It would be completely awesome if we were to obtain some sponsors but we will have to see as the season moves on.


      1. Sounds good, will do! I know for league of legends riot sometimes provides prizes for tournaments. Would be kind of cool if psyonix gave like free dlc cars to the winning team or something you know.

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