EA Sports UFC 2: My Experience

Back in February I had the chance to play the Beta of UFC 2 and I really enjoyed it. At the time I was on the fence between UFC 2 and the Division and after playing both Beta’s I chose to pass up the Division for UFC 2. I have been playing UFC 2 for the last 4 days and have tried out a good amount of game modes they have to offer.


The biggest draw for me was the “Knockout Mode” and like I had hoped it is pretty fun. I love the stand up game, big punches to turn the tide of a match is the best thing to me. In this mode it is all about the stand up game, there is no takedowns, no clinch, just the goal of Knocking your opponent out. You can play a series of best of 3 or 5 and turn up or down each fighters hit points. While I really enjoy this mode, you cant play it online (at least I haven’t found a way to) and that is a real bummer. Playing against the AI is still fun in its own way and matches can go either way and tides can turn in a blink of an eye. If you have friends that also love UFC, having them over for a Knockout Mode tournament would be really fun.


I have played a good amount of the Career Mode and I am mostly happy with my experience here. I believe at this point I am around 12-2 and won most of my fights via KO (like I said, I am all about the stand up game). I like the fact that I don’t have to wonder where to put my points as I train for my next fight because when you train depending on which activity you do, it will increase what you are working on. So for me I have maxed out my punching power, speed, and takedown defense but everything else is pretty weak. That is okay with me though because if they can get me on the ground then they got the advantage, but if we are standing up I will make the most of it and try to knock your block off. After going through the Ultimate Fighter (which I won) and 14 fights I finally have a shot at the title. My concern here is, if I lose will I retire before I ever get a shot again? I don’t know, I guess we will have to see. Other than that, Career mode is pretty good but I just wish you could have feuds and friendships with other fighters as it would make matches against either one feel special.

I still haven’t played the Ultimate Team mode (the card based collection game) because I have never been into it whether it was Madden or NHL, I just don’t find the appeal. Maybe I will give it a whirl in the future but as for now I’ll stick to the other modes.


I have also had fun playing Quick Fight against other players online using Mike Tyson but I have yet to win and this is where some issues for me come in. I understand every fighter has their own stats and some can handle certain aspects of the fight differently but in my experience (fighting with Tyson online especially, and my own fighter in Career Mode), I can sit there sometimes and just go off with hard shots to the head and face and my opponent will sometimes stumble but not in dramatic fashion. Yet they will slip one of my 12 punches and hit me with a quick jab and I am running for my life. For instance in one of my online fights I kept landing solid punches and catching him with a slip and for 4 rounds I did not get 1 knock down (with MIKE TYSON!), but by the 4th round my stamina was 2/3 depleted while theirs was 2/3 full and my punches couldn’t break a wet paper bag. I would then lose via a KO head kick… I took 3 the whole fight! This is aggravating to say the least but this doesn’t happen every time, when it does happen though it takes away the fun.

Overall the game is beautiful to look at, fighters look realistic, the sights and sounds are those of which you would see and hear if you were there or watching on PPV. The announcing is pretty solid and you are able to get one fight in after another pretty quickly without much wait at all which is FANTASTIC. At the end of the day would I recommend this to other gamers?

Yes, I think it is a fun game that any fight fan would love to play. There are TONS of fighters and this is a perfect game to play for a couple hours when you have your friends over to watch a real UFC event. Good job EA!

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