Match of the Week: Wings Vs Hawks

Going into Week 2 we have a delightful match up ahead of us. Scarlet Wings VS Rocket Hawks! Last week both teams came away with a 4-1 record and are sitting at #2 (WIN) & #3 (HAW). The Hawks with a 4.2 Goal’s Per Game Average after the first week might seem like the early favorite to the Wings 3 Goal’s Per Game Average but the Wings have only let up an Average of 2 goals per game to the Hawks 3.4 average.

This match up contains the #2 & #3 strikers as well as 2 of the top (tied for 2nd) goalies in the league, Lokman97 (17 goals, 6 saves) & UltimateVanquish (13 goals, 6 saves). There is no doubt that these 2 will put on a show but where the match up or even the series lies is between the Wings Evil-Rican and the Hawks Moonprincess24. The edge might go to the Wings here despite Moonprincess24 putting up 4 goals, Evil-Rican tallied 5 saves and 3 assists to compliment UltimateVanquish.

What it boils down to is the Wings came out as a defensive team giving up the least amount of goals (10)  last week and the Hawks are the 2nd highest scoring offence in the league. Defense wins Championships but Offence wins games, it will be a very entertaining match up for the #2 spot or even the #1 spot depending on what happens in the Dodgers – Elite game.

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