HOTS: Favorite Battlegrounds

As a newly found fan of Heroes of the Storm I have finally had my shot at the Battlegrounds (maps) they have to offer. I honestly think every single Battleground in the game is really fun to play but there are a few that have become my favorite to play. I am not listing in any order or stating that one is better than the other, this is just a few maps that I am very fond of in HOTS.

BH B.jpg

First up is Blackheart’s Bay! This is probably my most favorite map to play in. It just has that “FUN” vibe to it. Collect Doubloons by attacking treasure chests, mercenaries, and skeletons and then hand your doubloons over to Blackheart so he will bombard your enemy’s forts! Barrels, boats, water and a pirate shooting cannons what more could you ask for in a map?!


Towers of Doom is one I think changes it up a bit. A team can’t attack their opponents Core directly as both Cores are protected by a barrier that cannot be attacked by Heroes. To be victorious, you must activate Altars! Periodically Altars will rise across the battlefield and you must activate them to have your Bell Towers fire upon the enemy’s Core. But this is only as good as the amount of Bell Towers you currently control, the more Towers you have, the more damage an Altar will do. The Battleground screams Halloween and it is lovely! It is dark and gloomy, has creepy lit houses, and jack-o-lanterns are everywhere!


Of course a Diablo themed Battleground would be one of my favorite maps in HOTS! As a long time Diablo player and a short time HOTS player, it makes me feel a bit at home when I get to play here in the Infernal Shrines. Half Heaven, half Hell, Diablo 3 shrines and minions, it is really a fun treat for me as a player. Here when the shrines activate, you don’t just try and fill the bar to take it over. You have to slay 30 Guardians before the enemy team to bring forth a mighty Punisher which has 1 of 3 powers (cold, fire, & arcane). Bringing on a few Punishers will demolish enemies and their forts. I love it here!


Finally, we have the awesome Dragon Shire! I like this map for a few reasons, one being that it is a medieval setting (that is my favorite settings in history) and you get to become an axe swinging dragon!  There are two shrines your team needs to control to activate the Dragon Knight’s statue and controlling both at the same time can be a fun problem to get right! When you finally control both and the statue is activated, you can go to the statue to free the Dragon Knight from his prison as you become it! Then all hell breaks loose when you use the Dragon Knight’s immense power to level enemy forts! You become a dragon, and storm a castle! Enough said.

Like I said before I do enjoy all of the Battlegrounds HOTS offers but these are my favorite to date. Which maps are your favorites? Let me know!

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