MLD Week 1 Report

March 13th 2016, what a day it was! It was the first official day of the MLD and there was plenty of action to go around! Starting off the day around 6:30pm EST was the Dodgers and the Elite! The Dodgers came out the gates quickly and captured a 4-0 victory of the very first game. The Elite woke up the next game but never got the chance to grab a W as they lost by 2 in every one of the final 4 games. Not all was lost for the Elite though, HalfShelledHero tallied 12 saves (1st overall) and Jaclyn881 put up 4 assists (2nd overall) over the 5 game stretch. Even though HalfShelledHero and Jaclyn881 are tied for 5th and 6th in scoring respectively, it wasn’t enough to stop the assault that was TayGarrett999 who tallied 23 of the Dodgers 25 goals (1st overall).  These two teams will meet again next week (week 2) and I bet the Elite will have a new game plan waiting for the Dodgers, but if it doesn’t work the Dodgers may be looking at a 10-0 start!


The second game of the day started at about 6:45pm EST and featured the Flames and the Scarlet Wings. The Flames scored 5 in the opening contest as they started out the series with a W. However the Wings would comeback with a strong 4-1 victory in game 2 and also winning 2 close 3-2 games as they rolled to 4 straight W’s. Scarlet Wings UltimateVanquish lead the charge with 13 goals (3rd overall) and 6 saves (tied 2nd overall) while Evil-Rican posted 3 assists (3rd overall) in their week 1 performance. The Flames were very close to making this a 3-2 series in their favor but fell short their first week, however Sarkie99 did post 7 goals (5th overall) and Flash-Killer127 saved the day 6 times (tied 2nd overall). The Flames are on to face the Aerial Attack and the Scarlet Wings will be taking on the Hawks. Both of these series will be very entertaining!


The final bout of the night began around 8pm EST and it was the Rocket Hawks against the Aerial Attack. Talk about a back and forth tug of war! The Hawks grabbed the first game 4-1 but the next 4 games you didn’t know who was going to take the game until the clock hit ZERO! 4 straight games of pure entertainment and great sportsmanship was the best way the night could have ended. 5-4 Hawks, 4-3 Hawks, 5-3 Aerial, & 5-4 Hawks gave the Hawks a 4-1 record to start the season, but man was it a nail bitter! The Aerial Attack was one or two lucky bounces away from taking the series 3-2, but the Hawks kept up the pace and took away 4 of 5 wins. Rocket Hawks Lokman97 brought in 17 goals (2nd overall) and 6 saves (tied 2nd overall) and look to have a very bright future ahead of them. Hanzo Hattori for the Aerial Attack made a splash as the #1 Assist Leader in the MLD and dgxshiny cashed in 11 goals (4th overall) after Week 1.


It is still very early in the season but there are a few things to take away from Week 1. TayGarrett999 is averaging 4.6 goals a game and is very well the front runner for MLD Striker of the Year, or even more so the Dodgers are a early shoe in for the MLD Spring Series Championship after week 1. Teams around the league better take this player seriously if they want to compete!

Despite the Elite falling to a early 0-5 start and being ranked 5th overall (of 6) in team goals they are however 1st overall in team saves and 2nd overall in team assists. Look for them to start making strides in the upcoming weeks.

That is all for this weeks MLD report stay tuned for more news and updates as the Spring Season continues! To check out the Standings and Stats go to our Official Website!

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