MLD Spring Season Arena Schedule

The day is almost here, March 13th 2016 marks the inaugural season of the MLD! We created this league for the love of the game, to make a great community of RL players and most importantly to have FUN! 6 teams are all locked up to start the season next week and everyone is excited to get the season underway!

Now that everything is all set, we wanted to release the Arenas teams will be playing in each week! Every week will be hosted by a different Arena so there is a certain sense of change, of strategy, and once again FUN! Wasteland was going to be thrown in as a challenge for a week, mid season but as everyone seems to HATE that Arena we thought it best to leave it out, so you can breath now. The following list is only for the Regular Season as we will decide on what 2 Arenas will be played on in the post season.

Week 1 – DFH Stadium

Week 2 – Mannfield

Week 3 – Underpass

Week 4 – Utopia

Week 5 – Urban Central

Week 6 – Double Goal

Week 7 – Beckwith Park

Week 8 – Utopia Retro

Week 9 – DFH Stadium

As you can see we have a good mix and range of RL Arenas here, plus no Wasteland. Week 6 could be the week we see the most Goals scored in a game as everyone gets their shot in “Double Goal”. Utopia Retro could be a chance for a team to upset another or separate itself from the pack! The Season is bookended by the classic DFH Stadium which quite possibly may be the Championship Game Arena. Cheers to ALL and we hope everyone has a great and FUN season!

For more news and updates in the MLD follow us on Twitter!

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