My Favorite Acts In Diablo

With over 15 years of Diablo experience under my belt I started thinking about all the places I have traveled in the game. From Act I in Diablo II to Act V in Diablo 3 there are many places and creatures I have seen and out of all of them I wanted to pick a few that are my favorite Acts in Diablo.

ACT 1 D3

I am not going to put them in any order or rank them as I just want to appreciate them instead of arguing over which one is better, I will let you guys do that. So when I think of my favorite acts in Diablo, Act I from D2 is always on the list. That is probably the place I spent 60% of my time back in the day. I would always create and recreate characters in D2 and would run through Act I more times than I would ever reach Act IV or V. I remember running through Blood Moor and killing everything in the Den of Evil. The Stoney Fields and clicking the Cairn Stones in the correct order and then going to save Deckard Cain, killing the Smith in the Barracks and then taking down Andariel to finish the Act. It was a great Act and it is a big part of the reason I fell in love with the game.

ACT 1 D2

 Much can be said for the starting act in Diablo games because I am going from Act I in D2 to Act I in D3. I love Act I in D3 a little more than I do Act I in D2. Going through graveyards, crypts and Old Tristrim, rescuing Cain (once again), fighting the Skeleton King and finding Tyreal. Going through King Leorics Manner, fighting the warden and killing the Butcher. Act I in D3 is a really fantastic Act and quite possibly might be the best in the game or even the series.


 When I wasn’t creating new characters and living in Act I in D2, my favorite act in that game was Act IV! The River of Flames and the Chaos Sanctuary was my absolute favorite areas in the Diablo series. Making your way to the Sanctuary and opening Diablo’s seals was the most exciting time for me as a kid playing this game, the creatures were great the boss was great the scenery, everything, just great. Early on in the Act you also get to fight Izual which I believe is one of the first things you do. I was hoping they were going to recreate this in D3 somehow but they actually took to the heavens instead of hell which was cool too.


 Yes, you knew it was coming, Act IV in D3 is my next favorite Act. Fighting your way through Heaven trying to stop Diablo from taking over, saving Angels, and taking down hordes of minions on the way, what could be better than that? You even revisit your fight with Izual once again and in my opinion he is even more of a bastard haha. However I felt like the lead up to Diablo in D2 was far more exciting with the seals and all that, the shadow realm wasn’t the best idea I think but either way it is still one of my favorite acts.


Without realizing it, a pattern has formed here. Act I for D2 and D3, Act IV for both as well and now Act V for both D2 and D3! First let me talk about Act V in D3, one of the reasons why I like this act so much is the Pandemonium Fortress, it has a similar feel to the Arcane Sanctuary which was one of my favorite “areas” in D2. I also love to run through the city of Westmarch, not to mention Maltheal is a !@#$% to kill on higher levels. I think the art of the entire Act is fantastic.


 Finally lets talk Act V from D2. I remember doing Runs of Bosses (Diablo Runs, Baal Runs, Mephisto Runs ect.), but the Bloody Foothills is the only “Run” (Blood Runs)  I remember doing in D2 that did not involve a “Boss”. It was a pretty big area to complete and I loved the creatures in it. I remember rescuing Anya from the Frozen River and making my way to the Arreat Summit to fight the Barbarian Ancients. From there you have the Worldstone Keep and the Throne of Destruction where you fight the Waves of Baals minions before you go into the Worldstone Chamber and finally kill Baal.

Many memories were made in these places and I cant wait to see what Blizzard does with the Diablo series whether it is more expansions (which I recommend) or Diablo 4. Either way I love this game and hope to be playing it for years and years to come.

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