MLD Update 3/8/2016

The start of the MLD Spring Season is in less than 4 days and all the teams are excited to get it started. The MLD has 6 current teams and we have had a bunch of players interested in filling up the last 2 teams but as of today no one has pulled the trigger on making the move. So with the little time the League has to get set for the season a plan has been set in place incase the last two teams are not filled in time.

If the 6 team league goes into effect there will be a conference realignment where Aerial Attack would be sent over to the Orange Conference and the Flames and Wings would be sent over to the Blue Conference making the Conferences look like:

Blue : Flames, Hawks, Wings – Orange: Aerial Attack, Dodgers, Elite

The playoffs will also be different as the top 2 teams of each conference will no longer have a spot. Instead the top team in each conference will automatically move on into post season play. The team who has the better record overall out of those 2 teams will be granted a bye week into the Spring Series Championship. The other Conference champion will play the team with the BEST record of the remaining teams (no matter the conference). This game will be Best of 7 and played Week 11 and then followed by the Championship game in Week 12.

There will still be 9 weeks (5 games a week) in the regular season (45 games) but instead of playing each Conference foe 10 times (8 Team League = 30 Conference Games 15 Non Conference games) , Conference teams will play each other 15 times (30 Conference games per team, 15 Non Conference games).  This brings the balance of an 8 team league to a 6 team league ensuring that everyone will still have the same experience as we intended.

We also wanted to make sure ALL the teams know that the Spring Season unofficially starts Saturday March 12th after 8pm EST. Every week you will be able to play that next weeks matchup Saturday night if that is what both teams agree on. So to clarify from Saturday 8pm EST to Saturday 8pm EST is the time table you have to play your opponent each week.

Be sure to interact with other teams in the league via Twitter and HAVE FUN all season long!


Minor League Doubles Official Website

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