Diablo 4?

Over the weekend I came across a YouTuber by the name of Rhykker who is a big time Diablo channel with over 100,000 subscribers. One of his videos I came across was “New Diablo Game: Diablo 4 Confirmed?” and he talked about how Blizzard had been hiring for a Diablo Art Director and now over the last few weeks has been hiring for Art positions under that Art Director. From that information he was explaining that there could very well be a D4 coming in the future or maybe an expansion or maybe a new type of Diablo game, like a World of Warcraft type of game and this got me thinking.


Do I want to see Blizzard continue the Diablo series? Absolutely, I hope to be playing Diablo until I’m 100 years old! But what I don’t want to see is them try to make a World of Warcraft type game of Diablo in the way of the “over the shoulder” camera and all that. If they keep Diablo exactly how D3 is and just EXPAND it with a HUGE world, MORE characters and A LOT MORE loot than that will be the best thing that could ever happen (like I said in my Previous D3 Article).

This is why I am hoping they are not just going for a Diablo 4. It took them a long time to make Diablo 3 the game it is today. When it first came out I was right there playing on day one and though I LOVED it, I can admit it was like 6 1/2 out of 10. Today it is a solid 10/10 and I can say that with the up most confidence. D3 is a FANTASTIC game and I would HATE for them to toss it aside and repeat the same process with a whole new game. I want to keep our D3 characters! I want to keep the Crusader, the Demon Hunter, Wizard and the rest of them! Just ADD more to what you already have and bring back the Necro, Paladin, Amazon, and the Druid. Make NEW classes and NEW acts, just don’t start over.


What would be awesome is if they made “Diablo”. Just “Diablo”, no 2, 3 or 4 so this way they can just add expansions on like they do with WoW and keep it going forever. Let us take one or two of our current characters into the new game and let us explore the new world with the character we spent years with! Every year or so come out with a NEW act and a NEW character and ADD on NEW items for all the characters to loot, it would be a great day for ALL Diablo fans. That is what I would like to see happen.

What are your thoughts? What would you like to see happen for Diablo?

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