Heroes of the Storm: Necro Spotlight

The other day the Preview for Xul the Necromancer (for Heroes of the Storm) came out and of course I was excited as hell to see it (CLICK HERE if you haven’t seen it yet). After I viewed it for the first time, I felt a little disappointed. I went into the video knowing a few of the skills he would most likely have (being a HUGE fan and all) and for the most part I was right on the money. But even still I had a few problems with some of the abilities. But let me express I am just a casual HOTS player so there may be reasons they did what they did to fit the game, but this is just my feelings as a D2 Necro guy.

Raise Skeleton.PNG

So the first ability they showed was the “Raise Skeleton” ability. I 100% knew they would have this, they had to, you cant have the D2 Necro with out his Skeleton Warriors! So the skill works by killing enemy minions, which then comeback as your Skeleton Warriors. Makes sense, in D2 you had to kill an enemy before you could Raise a Skeleton, so perfect! They stated you can have multiple skeletons at your side at one time so the more minions you kill the more skeletons you’ll have.

Spectral Scythe.PNG

The next ability they showcased was the “Spectral Scythe”. I was kind of thrown off by this one because as far as I know he did not have this ability in D2. Why wasn’t Bone Spirit or Bone Spear in this place? Maybe one of them (or both of them are still to come). So putting that problem aside, it isn’t a bad ability I guess. You are able to summon a Scythe behind your enemies and it swings back to you like a boomerang. They showed some cool examples on how it can be used and I thought it was pretty cool. But where did this come from?

Cursed Strikes

Next up on the list is “Cursed Strikes”. As anyone who played D2 knows, the Necro had a bunch of “Curse” spells so it was nice for them to incorporate this into HOTS. Cursed Strikes can be broken down into 2 portions, first “Cursed” which reduces the ATK Speed of all enemies hit and “Strikes” dealing area damaged for a short time for each basic attack. I like this, I think they came up with a great way to bring his Curse skills into the game while affecting multiple enemies at once.

Bone Prison

BONE PRISON! This was a no brainer for me. I was almost positive this was going to be included in his skills. You can basically stop an enemy from fleeing and or save a teammate from being chased. While I love this skill, I feel like it doesn’t last as long as it should. Seeing their examples in the preview I clocked the time at a slim second and a half… if that, before the Bone Prison was destroyed. Maybe that is a long time for a HOTS player, but to me I really wish it went at least 3 seconds to capture what the skill is all about.

Bone Armor

Another one of my locks for the Necro, Bone Armor. The Necro would not be complete with out it and while I didn’t expect it to look the way it does it serves the same purpose, protecting the Necro. However they gave this ability upgrades that you can choose from in game such as, “Bone Armor explodes for damage”, “Bone Armor slows enemies”, & “Bone Armor evades basic attacks”. I like this idea and think it will be fun deciding which way to go while playing the game.

Poison Nova.PNG

Oh yes, another Necro staple! Poison Nova! In D2 I had a Poison Nova Necro and it was so bad ass. I wasn’t sure they were going to add this in, but I was hoping they were and luckily they did. Not only does Poison Nova shoot out a very far distance but it does a “large amount of damage over a long period of time”, that is what I’m talking about! During the examples they show your enemies will literally watch their life fade away as they try and run for cover but it wont matter, chances are… they’re dead!

Skeletal Mages.PNG

This one is another one I feel different about. I would of assumed if they had the Mages in HOTS it would of been almost the same as Raise Skeleton but instead of swords and shield they would have elemental powers. I thought it would of been like an upgrade system much like the Bone Armor but here we are with “Skeletal Mages”. I don’t mind the look, they look pretty awesome, but what I do mind is that they will only appear in a straight line, and enemies can literally just walk right through them. In one example they showed it didn’t even seem like they were doing much damage at all to the enemies just slowing them, plus they were attacking pretty slow themselves. Maybe it will look and feel different in game but I wasn’t impressed here.

Xul Abilities.PNG

And that was the end of Showcasing Abilities… My first thought was “Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! No Bone Spear?! Scythe and those Mages over Bone Spear WTF?!” I couldn’t believe they left out one of the Necros most iconic skills. Lets just move on, what about the look of the Necro? I believe they pretty much nailed his look and his voice. I mean it isn’t a Diablo style art so in the HOTS world, yeah they did a good job. Still…. no Bone Spear??? I go to finish the video and just before it ends “WAIT! What was that?!” I rewind a few seconds and what do I see??

Bone Spear.PNG

There is NO mistaking this! That is the MF’n Bone Spear! So what does this mean?? I am not a big HOTS player so I don’t know much about unlocking abilities and so on. Will this be in the game? Will he have this skill? Why the hell did they not include this in his skills? If any of you reading are HOTS players, please let me know!

Overall I think the Necro is pretty much taken care of for this adaption in HOTS. I believe Raise Skeleton, Cursed Strikes, Bone Armor and Poison Nova are going to be the best combo (at least for me, but I am a noob so what do I know). I am excited to purchase my first character and finally play as the Necromancer once again!

P.S. Blizzard stop F’n around bring the Necro back to Diablo 3! Along with Mephisto! Like I explained in my “Diablo 3’s Two New Expansion Ideas!” article!

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