Minor League Doubles

In my previous articles I motioned that I had some good news coming and well today is that day! If you have been keeping up with my articles you have noticed that I have been pretty much fed up with TOXIC players in the Rocket League community and the way the game is losing its fun while playing in tournaments. Well my former team the Blue Bombers came up with a GREAT idea. Why not start our own League?! So we put in a lot of time, thought and consideration over the last few weeks.

After all of our hard work we are finally proud to announce our very own League “Minor League Doubles“. We wanted a place that a small community of LOW to Medium talent well behaved good sportsmanship RL players could participate and have fun in a League. We want players who CANT compete in Major Leagues or Tournaments. We want RL players who are looking to have competitive fun, enjoying the sport with fellow MLD players whether they win or lose. It is all about the experience with the MLD, we want the best attitudes in our players so that we can all share our love of Rocket League with each other.

Minor League Doubles is comprised of 8 Teams of doubles (16 players) who compete in 4, 12 week seasons during the year (Winter, Spring, Summer, & Fall). Each season has 9 weeks of games (each week you play your opponent in 5 games, 5×9 = 45 season games), followed by a 1 week bye for the 4 playoff teams, then the conference finals and then the Season Series Championship (playoffs and finals are Best of 7 series). If you want to go more into detail about how we operate check out our RULES page!

Already we have 4 of the 8 teams filled and we hadn’t even launched yet! Today we are officially announcing the league looking to fill up the last 4 teams before the March 13th start of the Spring Season. If you have any interest in playing in the MLD, simply fill out the FAA (Free Agency Application) form and we will not only consider you for a spot in the MLD but for whatever reason you don’t get on a team, your FAA form will be achieved so if a spot on a team opens up for during or in between seasons we can contact you immediately! If you get selected to join a team, a member of the MLD committee will contact you asap.

If you are worried about your skill level, don’t. If you are worried about other players poking fun at you if you mess up, don’t. We WANT players who play for the fun, not players who NEED to be the best. There is ZERO tolerance for TOXIC behavior in the MLD. Toxic players will be removed immediately and replaced with a new player from the Free Agency Pool. We don’t mess around here, if you want to play RL with a good group of people, join! If you want a GREAT RL experience, join! If you want to be apart of a team and a league that loves the game of Rocket League… Than join Minor League Doubles!


Minor League Doubles Twitter & Facebook!

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