Are There More Trolls Playing Rocket League?

As I stated in my “The Frustration Builds” article, I have been having a rough time in Rocket League as of late. I consider myself a pretty good player but over the last few weeks it is like the Monstars from Space Jam came and took away my skills. So as of yesterday I announced that I would step away from the game for a period of 1 to 2 weeks. But that wasn’t the only reason I wanted to take a step back.

I don’t know if anyone else has noticed (or maybe it has just been my low tolerance for the game lately) but there seems to be a sudden influx of TROLLS playing Rocket League. During the last week primarily, I couldn’t play back to back games (with randoms) without landing a jackass on either side of the ball. Maybe dropping almost 2 divisions landed me in a pool of immature brats but the consistency of ill tempered players out there has really become a problem. There are 3 stories from this week alone that I want to share with you to truly show you what I am talking about.

First I’ll give you a game FULL of trolls. I was in a 2v2 game, a minute in we were down 1-0 and my teammate wanted to forfeit! I swear to god if this is any reflection on the actual persons real personality then the world is !@#$ed because there is some HUGE cry babies out there that give up SO EASILY when things get tough. Anyways, I refuse and that next faceoff my teammate just sits there and the other team scores to go up 2. Of course I’m pissed and throw out a bunch of “@#$%!” emotes and type “what the fk are you doing?”. First they want to forfeit and then they just sit there like a crying baby? Moments later they quit from the match, and I’m like “are you serious right now?”, but do I quit the match? No! I play 2v1 and try to win regardless! When I am playing with my REAL teammate and an opponents partner quits on them, we understand the frustration and are nice to them, in return they are nice back and we continue a 2v1 game and its fun. HOWEVER this was not the case for me! These 2 bastards start spamming “What A Save!” to me every time they score, along with “Great Pass” if it was a counter goal and just were complete asses about the whole thing. I then say “trolling on a 2v1?… real mature” and they reply “Maybe if you were nice to your teammate he wouldn’t have left” (mind you, the moron left about 1 min into the game because I wouldn’t forfeit after the first goal). This jackass has no clue what the hell he is talking about but yet they spent the whole game trolling me in a 2v1 scenario. And no, I didn’t quit… I’m not a baby.

But whatever right, lets move on. A few games later I get into this game with a bastard of a partner. Just seconds into the game I hit a shot off the crossbar and my teammate spams “Wow!”, like seriously? Moments later I lay up a pass for him and he scores, everyone (including the other team) gives him a “Nice Shot!” emote… Did he reply with a “Thanks!” like a good RL player would? NOPE! The next thing he said was “Defending” to me. So this sad bastard can spam “Wow!” to me for banking a shot but cant take a second to reply “Thanks!” to everyone? I then reply “he is to good to say Thanks!”. Moments later I send another pass his way and he scores and then immediately spams “Nice Shot!” for himself. The other team has had enough of him, they said “OMG!” & “really?”, I just hit him with a “@#$%!” and move on. After he scored his 3rd goal he goes “teammate is trash” “being carried”… Me?! Being carried? Does this @#$% Tard not see that I have 2 assists and 2 saves? His 2 of 3 goals were because of ME! I miss my next shot and he spams me with “Nice Shot!” and again says “I’m carrying you”. The score is 3-2 and this troll has missed just as many shots as me AND the 2 goals the other team scored. So I’ve about had it, there is 45 seconds left in the game and he just wont quit it with the trolling. So in return I troll him back. Scored 2 goals in our own goal in less than 30 seconds and gave the other team the win 4-3. He went ape @#$% and I told him how much of a lousy teammate he was and then left.

The worst is over now… or so I thought. The very next game my teammate and I posted a 5-0 victory but the ENTIRE game 1 of our opponents just would not shut up. He was crying about how we were lucky, we both sucked, we have no talent etc. I didn’t say anything the entire game until the game ended and said “5-0 isn’t luck”. Okay new game… Guess who my partner is? That same p.o.s. from the last game. So surprisingly he didn’t do anything to sabotage the game. I didn’t say anything to him, he didn’t say anything to me. HOWEVER we went up 3-0 and EVERY single time we scored he would type out how trash the other team is and how bad they suck, they should uninstall the game and so on. I didn’t say anything until he let in 2 of the easiest goals I have ever seen. Now I wasn’t mad at all that the other team scored, but how are you going to put down someone else and then when you do the same thing just say “Whoops… lucky”. So I wrote “No, stfu… trash goalie”. We were down 1 with less than 30 seconds left at this point, and with 13 seconds left I hit a Long Shot to send us to over time. I take the face off, it bounces off the wall and starts heading towards are goal where my troll teammate was. Instead of clearing the ball he backs up and says “since you want to talk shit, they win” and it rolled right in and we lost. So let me get this straight… this stupid s.o.b. talked an enormous amount of trash to everyone for 2 straight games (if not more!), and the first time someone says something back to him in return he folds up and cries like a little b!@#$?

This is a big portion of why I am taking a break from RL. I literally can not stand these immature, poor sport, cry baby, b!@#$es anymore. They suck the fun right out of an amazing game and it is so sad to see. I know Psyonix added the Report option but we all know we will never be rid of trolls. This is what they live for, ruining the game of RL. Sadly when I get back to the game, my communication options will forever be turned off. Communication is a BIG part of the game but if I am forced to play with randoms I will play without the aggravation that comes with it.

Am I being too sensitive? Am I wrong here? Do you guys have any RL Troll stories you would like to share?? Let me know in the comments!

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3 thoughts on “Are There More Trolls Playing Rocket League?

  1. I encountered some right plebs last night; a few unsporting fellows typing such things as just quit and easy even though the games were quite close and one person frequently typing pandagay, real mature… my username is King_Panda4 feel free to add me and play some more respectful games of Rocket League. Before these incidents I haven’t really encountered much hostility or trolling to be fair.

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