The Batmobile Coming March 8th!


Your eyes do not deceive you! The @#$%ing Batmobile is coming to Rocket League on March 8th! Now for me this is no Ecto-1 but damn it Psyonix, you did it again! If you read my “Inside The Minds Of Kings Of Urban” article you know that Moses from KOU actually said he would LOVE to see the Batmobile in RL and well, HERE IT IS!

As you can tell I am super excited about this. I love the way Psyonix does what they do and this is just the best thing they could have done. I stated in previous articles that they should keep the iconic car packs coming because no matter what they are, people will love them and what better way to follow up the Delorean than with the friggen Batmobile.

Just a fair warning to all you RL gamers, for the next couple months there WILL be games with nothing but Batmobiles, some might say this is a downside but HELL! We got the Batmobile! For those of you who haven’t seen the trailer for the Car Pack, do yourself a favor and CLICK HERE!

I do wonder what else will be included in the car pack. They did say “one-car reign of terror” so it is obviously JUST the Batmobile. I hope they add in other content you could use on other vehicles, or a new arena (I’m not sure the arena in the trailer was something they are giving us) but nothing else was shown in the trailer and Psyonix usually shows us everything we are going to be getting. Thankfully the wait is not long at all so we will find out soon enough!

What do you guys think about this? Are you excited? Let me know!

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