Season Mode: Improvements And Additions

Improvements are mainly made for the multiplayer experience, as it should be. But I honestly believe Psyonix can make Season Mode in Rocket League something gamers WANT to play, and here is how.

I just finished Season Mode for the first time in a long time and during the duration of my 11 week (9 weeks + 1 playoff game & 1 championship game) road to glory I realized this can actually be a REAL beloved mode. For one Psyonix needs to add harder difficulties, playing 4v4 on All-Star really is a breeze for me now. Adding levels like Legend and/or Champion for instance, will make it that much harder for players and would be the first step to build upon Season Mode. In addition to the higher difficulties, the AI should be able to make Aerial plays because even on All-Star they barely leave the ground.

rocket-leagueSecond improvement needs to be the even skill level of ALL AI teams. Let them ALL be the same skill level so when teams make it to the playoffs it is because they won the most games, don’t preset one team randomly to be better than another because that just takes the fun out of playing each team. If a team is 8-1 and another is 1-8 it is because of what is happening on the field, not what they are programed to do. So we have harder difficulties, an even playing field for AI teams, now I would like to add in the addition of Playoff Series. Bring the option to select your Playoff game type, whether it would be Single Game Knockout or Best of 3, 5, & 7. Not only will this further customize your Season Mode experience but it would make for more exciting play for the gamers.

Rocket-League-_4.jpgAlready with minor changes, I fell like Season Mode is improved, but I have more great ideas that may take Rocket League to another level. Lets add in multiple seasons. Let the Season Mode become a Franchise mode of sorts. The mode doesn’t stop after the Championship was won, with ALL teams being even ANYTHING can happen next season! The chances of a team repeating would be very low, which makes the gamer that more invested into trying to do it! Say the player wins year 1, and doesn’t win the championship in year 2, now to repeat the user must play 2 more seasons at least! It will be challenging, it will be entertaining and most of all it will be fun.

To take the whole Franchise mode even further, you could make the difficulty setting depend on what Division your team enters! For example make 5 Divisions (Rookie, Pro, All-Star, Champion, Legend), and have about 5-10 teams per Division, not only will you want to win your current Division title multiple times but after you do (if you do), now you can move up and it will be a BRAND NEW experience with different teams and a harder difficulty. Psyonix can even give out Toppers and other cool items for winning Divisions and completing other objectives in this mode.

rocket-league_1.jpgTaking the customization of this mode a step further, we should be able to go to each team in EVERY Division and customize the look and name of each car. For example, let us make the Pirates team all trucks and vans with wood paint style’s with pirate hats and flags! Let us make our own world out of it. Finally, it would be great to play this mode with friends. Each one of your friends with their own teams in the same division as you, or better yet all of you on the same team trying to win multiple championships together, it really is the best thing that could happen. No longer will players have to go to 3rd party websites to play in “Leagues” and “Tournaments” it could be done right from the game itself.

Another small addition I would want to see would be Stat Tracking not just for teams throughout the Franchise but for the individuals on the team. I think these changes would honestly take Rocket League to the next level especially with the casual gamer. What about you? Do you have any ideas on how Season Mode could become more of a must play mode? What about my ideas? Love them? Hate them? Let me know.

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2 thoughts on “Season Mode: Improvements And Additions

  1. I like some of these suggestions, especially giving more personality to teams. However I can’t see Psyonix doing much if anything with season mode as the core amount of time spent with players is online, it could prove to be a useful learning tool though with a few adjustments.

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