Wasteland: Good or Bad?

As many of you know, Wasteland is a arena in Rocket League that is different than the others. It is wider, longer, and most importantly, it is sloped. The closer you are to the wall the higher you are, and likewise the closer you are to the center of the arena the lower you are. The slopes pretty much lead the ball into goals with little effort by the offence (if the defense was out of position) and making those jump shots need better understanding of where you are on the map before you decide to do so, as you could be higher or lower than you actually think, making you miss an easy save/shot.


Now with all that said, is it really that bad? A ton of players seem to think so. Some went as far as deleting the Wasteland files (PC players) from the playlist so they wouldn’t have to play in that arena anymore in Ranked matches. When I play and the game starts, if Wasteland is the arena, I see a lot of “Nooo!”, “@#$%!”, and “Wow!” from players (including me, if it is the very first game I’ve played or if it is the 7th time I’ve been there in 10 matches).

As much as everyone LOVES to complain about it, I honestly think Wasteland is good for Rocket League. Out of ALL the (ranked playlist) arenas in the game, how many of them are different? They are pretty much all the same with the exception of Utopia which is a little bigger than the rest. Flat ground, 2 goals same objective every game. But with Wasteland, you HAVE to adjust! If you go in not accounting for the slope you are going to make easy rookie mistakes and I believe THAT is why people are pissed about it.


I said the same thing in my Casual Gamers Up In Arms article a few days ago, most (casual) players want it to be easy, they don’t want to THINK or strategize. I have a very low Win % in Wasteland, I go in thinking “okay so we will most likely lose this one”, BUT myself and my team go out there and try to adjust, try a new scheme, and sometimes we blow other teams out, or squeak by and sometimes its the opposite.

The point I am trying to make is people in general complain no matter what, if RL didn’t try anything new people would complain about how “boring” or “played out” each arena is and when they are incorporating variety and making it challenging for EVERYONE, you get players with torches and pitchforks. I do think they should turn back the amount of times Wasteland comes up, because it does seem to come up A LOT. But don’t get rid of it, soon enough everyone will be complaining about something else.

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