Next Rocket League Car Pack Should Be…

I am a huge fan of Psyonix adding iconic vehicles to the Rocket League world. PlayStation got Sweet tooth from Twisted Metal, Xbox One is getting 2 vehicles (1 from Gears of War & the other from Halo) and we universally got the Back to the Future Delorean. Now I know Psyonix cant think they must stop there, it would be an injustice to their fans around the world! Think of how many iconic cars you could see in Rocket League! I personally have a list of them but I want to talk about the 1st car pack Psyonix should add to Rocket League…


The Ecto-1!

Now most of you should think this is an awesome idea! But for those of you who are on the fence about how it would work, let me throw some ideas at you (Psyonix I hope you are reading). So the first problem you might see is; the car is mainly white, how will you distinguish teams? Now if you look at the Delorean, most of the car is grey with a team color trim and colored lights. That is exactly what you do here! See the red trim on the Ecto 1? Make that the team color (which means on team orange you can still have it red!). Make the majority of the lights on top the same team color, aside from the other cool props. So now we have the team color issue solved, lets move on.

You now might be thinking “so where would the boost come from?” and I have an easy cool solution for that too. At the back of the car there are these stuck out taillights, make those in to two booster exhausts, I mean they already look like they could be, so you wouldn’t have to change much about it at all and the essence of the Ecto 1 would not be harmed.


Okay, so now that we know where the boost will come out from, what will it be? This could go a million awesome ways but I think I have the perfect solution for this as well. The boost animation could either be 1 of 3 things: 1) beams of lights with ghosts flying out of the exhaust. 2) the proton pack stream or 3) green slime (which is already in the game). The sound of the boost should ONLY be one thing, and that’s the iconic Ecto 1 siren. You CAN NOT have the Ecto 1 without the siren, that would be unjust.


So finally I would like to add that you should be able to go to the car decals and have the option to switch from the Ecto 1 to the Ecto 1A. There is the hazard decals and a bit of different props on top of the car so it really shouldn’t be a huge issue to add this as it would make this car pack THAT much more unique. I have already tweeted to Rocket League about this idea with no avail. I am now shooting for Psyonix and every Rocket League fan out there. Lets make this happen! With the chance to have this iconic vehicle come into the world of Rocket League in the same year that Ghostbusters will be back in theaters (no matter what you may think the new film be like), this is the PERFECT opportunity for Ghostbusters, Rocket League, and its players!

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5 thoughts on “Next Rocket League Car Pack Should Be…

      1. Did they provide any insight on how they decided to do the xbox 1 exclusives? I wonder what their selection process for new cars is like. Hopefully the Rocket Labs piece will incorporate car prototypes in the future

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