Casual Gamers Up In Arms

Britton Video Games I have to completely disagree with you on this mate. This is not an attack on you personally, but more of an attack on what I have been reading lately from “casual” gamers on the status of Rocket League, your blog just so happened to be the last one I read. There are many things I wish to point out but the first thing I have to say is, if this was the first time you have been insulted by the Rocket League community then you must not play a lot at all. I have been playing RL since it was released and the RL community is filled with immature poor sports that ruin this fantastic game. But that cannot be put on Psyonix, play any online game and you will get the same morons you do on RL.

“Original Utopia” SARPBC (Currently In Rocket Labs Playlist)


Secondly, you disagree with the direction they are going in with the Rocket Labs arenas and say “stick to your roots”. Their roots come from Super Acrobatic Rocket Powered Battle Cars or SARPBC and where do you think the ideas for these new maps are coming from? Where do you think “Wasteland” came from? The “Original Utopia” (the donut areas in Rocket Labs)? If you google some images of SARPBC you will find other crazy cool maps like this pirate ship arena! This IS their roots. Now I know “casual” gamers are up in arms about these changes, and I know that they take this as a threat to their ability to play the game BUT casual gamers are in and out faster than you can blink an eye. When Rocket League first hit the scene EVERYONE was playing it, streaming it, YouTubing it. Now, there are few that still do because its not the “new cool” thing anymore.


Most of the casuals have moved on (I wish the immature poor sports would go instead but what can you do) and Rocket League is trying to bring “new” ideas and strategy to the game. One of the Rocket Labs arenas was made from an idea Psyonix got from the pros themselves, they wanted to know what it would be like to have different height levels in the arena. I personally like all 3 of the Rocket Labs arenas, when I am testing these maps out it isn’t about W/L record, its about having fun, trying to run up the wall a different way and hit the ball a certain way, angle it a new way, its about being creative and intuitive.

You state that you want them to keep it so “anyone can play” but they already have that set. Sure you will have some games where other players are better than you (if you are a casual gamer than this will happen more often than not, no matter the arena, because you play less than others) but the matchmaking system puts you against other players in your division, so if you are losing, you might need to practice. The “level” of players are not “even” and have been that way for a long time, you just simply cant join a game after not playing for a while and expect to win all the time, as is the case with almost any game NOT on your phone.

Something More Casual

Rocket League is NOT by any means killing itself, but if the rest of the casual gamers want to move on to something more “simple” feel free to do so. Players who have supported RL from the start and play on a consistent basis have loved the maps in Rocket Labs, they love the new challenges and ideas given by Psyonix. The hardcore RL players understand what Psyonix is doing and appreciates the work they have done for us players. I am not saying YOU have to love these arenas, or you can’t have your own opinion about what Psyonix is doing here but when you state that they are killing themselves because they aren’t “sticking to their roots” but don’t understand where they came from or claim they are killing their selves because of the community, which has nothing to do with the game but everything to do with the shitty types of people out there, it is quite an uneducated stab at game and company that has been so great to its players.



What I take from all of these “casual” gamer rants about Rocket League is that they want it to be easy. They want to play once in February and not again until April and still be able to compete with other players who have been playing since July 2015. If you want to be good at something, you have to practice and keep up with it, no one is going to give you a hand out and make everyone else “suffer” so the casuals can have some fun when they play once in a blue moon. I applaud Psyonix and everything they are doing for Rocket League and I know the “real” Rocket League players do as well.

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3 thoughts on “Casual Gamers Up In Arms

  1. No problem mate. Everyone is entitled to his own opinion. I still love Rocket League. I think it has the potential to be as big as Call Of Duty, Fifa etc. I used to love Call Of Duty games (3, modern warfare 1 & 2 in particular), but now feel they are over the top with the customization and game modes. I think Rocket League could end up the same. If they want to be one of the biggest games out there then they sadly have to attract the casual gamers. Don’t feel these experimental arenas do that.

    Thank you for blogging about me. One of the reasons I started my blog is to get in touch with more gamers. Just read your The Division Beta blog. On the fence with that game, might give it a miss now.

    Keep on Rocking It (awful pun)

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    1. I agree with you, it does have to potential to be as big and I think bigger than the games you mentioned. Thank you for reading my Division Beta blog, I really am a bit upset with it. Like I said I waited a long time for it and once I had it in my hands I felt disappointed. But hey, maybe it just isn’t for ME. I know plenty that will play it and I hope they get their money’s worth. Anytime you feel like discussing RL or anything else for that matter drop a comment and/or keep up with the great blogs!

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