Thank You Psyonix!

I just wanted to take the time to properly thank Psyonix for giving us the incredibly fun, addicting, entertaining, unbelievably awesome game that is Rocket League. In this day of $60 games at retail PLUS the $25-$50 DLC packs we all HAVE to buy to get a “complete” game, it is so refreshing to have a source of light in these trying times in Psyonix. First they released their game for FREE on the PSN, and $20 regularly! That’s already $40 under regular priced games. You could argue that mostly all PSN games are around the same price but I say to you, what PSN game has the quality and quantity of play that Rocket League does? No, its okay, ill wait…..


Right, then they not only give their players unlockable items to start with, free NEW unlockable items for special occasions, free updates regularly (some of which are HUGE game changers like this past weeks Season 2 update or the Mutators or the Snow Day mode… FREE) but they price their DLC’s at $5!!! Oh and at the time of their DLC release, they give EVERYONE free stuff! I have never witnessed this much love for the players in quite some time. I have LOVED everything Psyonix has done for Rocket League, I have LOVED every DLC they have released which is about 4 now I believe (which by the way, game = $20 + 4 DLC’s ($20) = $40!! Still not even close to the $60 retail for 1 incomplete game!) and even if I didn’t absolutely love their next DLC, I would STILL purchase it to show my support and gratitude for all Psyonix has done for their players.


Rocket League is literally the best game I have played in years! It is literally my #2 favorite game of all time, and I have played some great games. I am excited to see where they take this game in the future, what DLC’s will be coming next as I will be a LONG time player of Rocket League. I have met some great teammates playing this game, my blog is 90% about Rocket League, I tweet Rocket League, I breath Rocket League, I LOVE Rocket League and Psyonix to you I say Nice Shot! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!

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