Diablo 3’s Two New Expansion Ideas!

So this is going to be more of a plead to Blizzard Entertainment than an actual topic of discussion but I believe I have some great general idea’s that would keep Diablo 3 going for years to come. World of Warcraft always get great expansions and so far Diablo 2 and 3 have only received 1 each! If they are going to continue the Diablo series, why go and make Diablo 4? Just keep adding on to the GREAT game you have worked on over these past few years.

mephisto___lord_of_hatred_by_tamplierpainter-d6l3c6dBlizzard, how can you keep the story going you ask. Bring back Mephisto! It is as simple as that, Maltheal destroyed the Soulstone releasing the Prime Evil’s, find a way to bring back the lord of hatred into the world. He was one of the favorite bosses from D2 and it is even said by Cain in the story that (in so many words) he is afraid of what would happen if he would return.

Now you need a NEW hero to play, and what better hero to bring back than the best character in the game the Necromancer! Oh the many ways you could take a great character and all of his/her powers and make them even better! I could go on all day about the Necromancer but that’s not what I am here to do today. My point is this, bringing Mephisto back AND the Necromancer and you have a HOME RUN! Having an Act VI adding a new landscape, new monsters and new mini bosses on top of the 2 legends I already named, how could you go wrong!


Diablo_hearoes_top.jpgAfter a couple years go bye, then you get to release another expansion, this one headlining DIABLO himself! Mephisto somehow sets up an undoable set of actions (before you kill him in the last expansion) that recharges Diablo and when he is finally ready to come back he is his old self from Diablo 2. Big, bulky, and just badass! In Act VII you could bring back the Chaos Sanctuary and all that was memorable from Act IV in D2! Though he doesn’t have all the Prime Evil’s IN him anymore, he has the Prime Evil’s WITH him (or a chosen few) that you have to beat TO GET to Diablo but that’s just an idea (a grand finale of sorts).

Diablo%202%20Druid%202.jpgWith this new expansion you could either bring in a totally new character, hybrid type or you could bring back the Druid! Having the ability to turn into a werewolf for a few moments to completely destroy some demons would be even more fun than it was in D2! Think of all the unique skill sets you would be able to give the Druid! I know just like the Necromancer EVERYONE loves the Druid and this as well would be an out of the park HOME RUN for you Blizzard!


I don’t have every detail and even if I did this article would go on for ages but hear me out Blizzard, people love the Diablo series, you have done a fantastic job updating D3 to where it is 100x better than it was when it first released. These 2 expansion ideas would put D3 over the moon and back again with the type of content you would be adding. I will literally offer my services for FREE, doing storyboard work, illustrations, coffee runs, whatever you need, as long as these 2 expansion ideas become a reality.

So in conclusion, Mephisto, Diablo, the Druid and the Necromancer. It is a win-win for everyone and a BIG win at that. So Blizzard, what do you say? Can we make this happen or what?

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