My Experience: The Division Beta

So I was fortunate enough to receive access to The Division Beta over the weekend BUT I got it early Sunday morning and after taking about 3-4 hours to download and install I had the chance to play it for a quarter of the day. But in that time I got a good look at what this game would be all about and sadly I was put off by it and here is why.

tom-clancys-the-division-player-stories-us.pngI have been tracking this game for quite some time, growing with anticipation and aggravation after every delay on the release date. So I was pretty excited when I got the email and the redeemable code. I watched the very appealing opening and got caught up on the story that the game is revolved around. The environment in the game is very good, everything seems realistic and on point. There was a moment I was trading shots with a bunch of thugs in a snowstorm (or what seemed to be one), I could barley make out where anyone was as the wind and snow limited my sight. Ducking down behind cover and trying to make your way close enough to take someone out was a bit of fun in itself. In the only mission you can play, you make your way through Madison Square Garden and that was my favorite moment of me entire experience.

Tom_Clancy's_The_Division_gameplay_screenshot.jpgWhat turned me off about the game was the idea that I could shoot a “bad guy” a million times in the face (exaggeration) but not kill him as fast as I would of needed or liked because the stats on my weapon was not good. But yeah I get it, kill and loot, build your character up, I get that. But unlike playing Diablo, I just didn’t like how it was set up that way. In my limited time with the game I wasn’t able to earn enough money to upgrade my gear through the vendors and the goons I did kill barely dropped anything of use. I get that it is a MMO and it is certainly geared towards that, I just wasn’t pulled into the game like I had hoped.

tom-clancy-division-nypd.jpgMaybe I was expecting a different feel from the game, or maybe I just didn’t have enough time with it but after finishing that one mission and then running through empty streets randomly coming across an enemy or two that look and react pretty much the same way I got bored. Especially when 95% of the time you NEED to duck for cover in every single encounter you have or you WILL die. Meanwhile your enemies can literally make their way right up to you with a bat and crack you on the head after you shot them about 5 times.

I am not saying this is a bad game, it does have a place in a lot of gamers collections. I just didn’t have FUN at all and I don’t want to make the same mistake I made with Evolve and quickly regret making the purchase. The Division was on my radar for quite some time but I have officially written it off, I will pick up Mighty No.9 (barring another damn delay), & UFC 2. I also have my eyes on Overwatch but I want to see more before I pull the trigger.

Did any of you get to play the beta? What did you think?

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3 thoughts on “My Experience: The Division Beta

  1. I just watched the agent origins movies they put out for it and those got me pretty pumped. But I am glad you got to test it out to set me straight a bit. I don’t want to write the game off completely but will definitely curb my enthusiasm. Thanks!

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    1. Like I said, I’m not saying it’s a bad game. I personally just didn’t find the fun I was looking for. My expectations weren’t matched is what I feel was MY problem. But please, don’t like my opinion on it away you one way or another, I’m sure many gamers will live this game. I just wanted to share my experience from playing it.


      1. Fair point but your dislike of shooting someone in the face 5 times to no effect is a progression/combat system I am wary of as well. I’ll be keeping my eye on the game for sure I just won’t let the hype carry me along anymore haha


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