Rocket Labs? Yes Please!

Yesterday it was announced that Rocket League will be giving us a new mode named “Rocket Labs” in the next update coming later in February (hopefully sooner than later lol) among other great features. If you didn’t get a chance to find out what Rocket Labs will be all about, I’ll give you a moment to watch this quick video:

So the point of this new mode is to let the players play in bare bones (which still looks pretty damn cool if you ask me) test arenas and give the developers feedback on them. If the players like them, the map will be finished and added to the rotation, if not then they won’t.

All 3 of the maps that will be showcased first look extremely fun and I honestly can’t wait to try them out, but I do know that the Rocket League “traditionalist”, if you will, wont be so eager to jump on the wagon. Now I never played the original game “Super Acrobatic Rocket Powered Battle Cars” but I do know that these crazy maps were a staple for the game and its fans, that’s where they came from and they want to add that element to the game. I am 100% fine with adding on to the game in such a way that brings more fun, as well as strategy to every single match. I am just hoping that the newer players don’t rebel against it because it is different from what THEIR used to.

Rocket Labs 2.pngI was trying to pick 1 map out of the 3 that I was most excited for, but honestly I cant. The double goal sounds fantastic, the donut map “retro utopia” is crazy interesting and the map with the different height levels and ramps along the wall, just wow. I guess I really won’t know which one I will like more until I get to try them out for myself. So add this to the already great updates that are coming, like the new ranking system and new car accessories, and it is going to be a new age in Rocket League and I am excited to be a part of it.

What do you all think about Rocket Labs? Let me know in the comments!

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3 thoughts on “Rocket Labs? Yes Please!

  1. I am always impressed by the deliberate and thoughtful approaches this studio takes to its releases. They are really trying to ensure the player experience is enhanced and not damaged in any way.

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    1. I agree with you 100%. I have not seen anything like what are doing and what they have accomplished from any other video game company/developer in quite some time. They have been player first, not money first and it shows in everything they do. My hats off to them.

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