My Experience: UFC 2 Beta

So I was lucky enough to get the chance to try out the Beta for UFC 2 from EA Sports. A lot of people complain about EA but they have really taken UFC gaming to a good place. I have dabbled in UFC games for a long time, from the few I picked up from THQ  and the past 2 games from EA. I thought EA did a good job in its first game of bringing a better look and feel to the UFC game than THQ ever did, and they have taken it a little further this time around.

I like to brawl in these games, I will LIVE or DIE by the stand up game so I have ALWAYS hated the clinch system. This year they changed it up and it was surprisingly simple to use. Simply hold the R stick in the direction of the action you want to do and it will do it as long as you are not hit or countered. out of my 15 fights, I only lost 1 in the clinch system and I believe it was bugged because I could not block at all. Other than that I was able to fight my way back to my feet (after taken some damage of course) and continued the fight.

CM Punk.jpgThrowing combos and knocking someone out has never looked or felt so good. Even when I get knocked out I’ll yell out “damn!” or “Oh !@#$” because you can hear it, and almost feel it when it happens. During this one fight my opponent ended the match with at least a 6-8 punch combo, it was beautiful and I couldn’t stop it. Before I knew it, it was over. It was the best beaten I took my entire time playing.

So I kept count of my W/L record (vs other beta testers) and I went 3-11 (I didn’t count the one that was bugged). Yeah, I have learned that I am not very good at the game haha. That being said, I had a blast! I played my first 6 fights as CM Punk and went 0-6, I was knocked out 5 times and had one split decision loss (which I thought I had won). I then took Rory MacDonald as my fighter and got my first W with a Superman punch KO in the

Actual (Phone) Picture Of My “Blood Bath” Fight. I Am Wearing Red Gloves.

very first round. I though to myself, “this is it, it was Punk, I am going on a winning streak!”. I lost my next fight to drop to 1-7 haha, but it was close! One of us were going to be knocked out and I so happened to take the right shot to the face. I then bounced back with a 1st round KO, and then lost in a blood bath! I then capped it off with 1 more win and a couple losses before I came to the conclusion that EA did a very good job with this game.


Now what has me on the fence is that I am not very good at the game and losing all the time at some point will not make me want to play, BUT if I preorder I get to play as MIKE !@#$ing TYSON! so how could I lose?! If I spend more time with the game after release I am sure I will get better at it, and thus have more fun but for me personally, is it something worth spending my money on? I don’t know, I think Iron Mike might make me buy this game haha.

Mike Tyson.jpg

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