In A Rut?

For many of you Rocket League players out there, you will have days where you are on point the entire day. Hitting corner shots, long bombs, and aerial spinning shots for half court splitting the D for amazing goals. You’re on fire! There is no one better! And then… You will have those days where the easiest of shots will slip by you, easy shots will be whiffed leading into a goal against and even trying to clear will be a challenge because it just seems you just have a thing for your own goal.

We will all have these types of days and its best not to try and power through it because either your ranking will be hurt or your wallet as you have to shell out $60+ for a new controller since you just chucked your other one at the wall. If you seem to be in a rut, head to the free mode and just knock the ball around a bit. Practice your angles and your go to shots. Make a mini game of it for yourself, no pressure just getting in touch with that RL GOD you were the other day.

After a bit of practice head back into a game and see if you dug yourself out, if you still feel like your not up to the level you should be, take a break and come back to the game later. Some days it just wont be in you to be the best RL player you can be. Sometimes you’re just to tired and your timing is off, sometimes there is something that is just taking your mind off the game. The best thing you can do is to switch to doing something that is relaxing, come back later concentrated and ready to go!

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4 thoughts on “In A Rut?

  1. It really is strange how much emotions and mindset affect one’s performance in the game. While you can still have fun to really be “on point” you really have to be in your sweet spot to pull off the amazing shots and saves.


    1. Couldn’t have said it better, while I feel like I am a really good RL player, there are days where I feel like I’m one of the best and then days where I feel like one of the worst. Like you said, emotions and mindset are HUGE.

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      1. The thing I have noticed is if I go into a game with the intention to just play and have fun I will do well and pull off some crazy stuff! As soon as I set the goal to win or start trying to win ranked games and consequently get frustrated when a teammate or myself messes up I start to second guess myself, miss time hits, etc. and it just goes downhill from there haha.

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      2. I am absolutely the same way. When I play with my teammates, I don’t worry about them because I know they will handle what they need to, and I then focus on just having fun and I play better, everything else is secondary. When I’m alone playing ranked matches, I become easily frustrated with my teammates or myself, and it’s just magnified when we lose.

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