Communication Is Key!

Hello everyone, today I will be talking about communication and how it should work, how it isn’t used, and why it is important in Rocket League. To communicate in RL you can use the D-Pad controls to input phrases like “Nice Shot!, Great Pass!, I Got It!, Defending!” and so on. These phrases are used to communicate with your teammates and sometimes with your opponents. Communication is essential to victory, if you and your teammates do not communicate, or communicate properly, your chances of winning has just been cut down 50% (my estimate).

Not communicating on a faceoff can lead into an easy goal for your opponents. For example, your in a 2v2 game, its a face off, both you and your teammate are lined up diagonal to the ball. No one communicates, you think they are going to sit back, “GO!” you take off towards the ball and realize so is your partner. You both hit the ball, you get tossed into the air while your partner was bumped to the side upside down. In that moment your opponents have a free shot on goal thanks in all to your teams lack of communication.

The same can be said for the opposite scenario. Your in a 2v2 game, its a face off, both you and your teammate are lined up diagonal to the ball. No one communicates, you think he is gunning for the ball, “GO!” neither of you move! Guess what your opponents have a free shot on goal. While it is not guaranteed that your opponents will score every time, the fact that they have an opportunity to do so makes all the difference. Just think of a whole 5 minute game of these scenarios playing out. Your opponents will have AT LEAST 3 to 4 free shots thanks to poor communication and sometimes just making 1 of those shots will be all they needed to win the game.

Being able to know what your teammates are doing and where everyone is during a rotation will only help your team win more games. With out communication, your team will cluster, and your opponents will score. I am not saying you and your teammates need to communicate every little thing you are doing, but the more communication you have the better. I suggest actual teams use the headset and be able to speak freely with one another, this way it is as simple as literally saying “I Got It!”.

I would like to hit on a side topic, still having to do with communication but in a different area. Using the D-Pad phrases is a good way to have a good relationship with your teammate. Praising them with a “Nice Shot!” or a “What A Save!” when applicable makes all the difference to team comradery. They also can have the opposite affect. For example, say your teammate makes a great play and you praise them a few times with a “Nice Shot!” or another phrase and they don’t reply “Thanks!” to any of them, but yet can send you phrases like “!@#$!” or “Wow!” when you make a mistake, or better yet barrage you with 3 or 4 “What A Save!”s when you couldn’t make a play. This is a sign of a TOXIC player and a bad teammate.

I know I am really nit picking at this problem but when I play RL I want to have a good experience and 9 times out of 10 when I am paired up with a “nice” teammate we usually win. When I am paired up with a “disrespectful” teammate, no matter how “good” their skills are, 9 times out of 10, we lose. Playing with a teammate who becomes the problem instead of being part of the solution will almost always end with a L.

Today for instance I was down in 2 straight games 2-0 and 3-0, but I was paired with 2 “nice” teammates who communicated and knew how to rotate. In both games we came back to win 4-2 & 4-3 because we didn’t turn on each other, we knew there was time left on the clock, after each goal we were closer to getting the game tied up, and with every goal our opponents would start to bicker at one another only making it that much easier to complete the comeback because they were now communicating poorly and trying to outplay each other instead of working together.

Communication is literally the difference between racking up W’s or L’s. Playing with random’s will lack communication on their part but once you find a “nice” player who does communicate correctly, try to offer a party invite and rack up some more W’s.

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