Do Your Job! (Offensive Tips)

What is going on everyone! Today I wanted to take some time and talk about YOUR position on the field. At first glance Rocket League may look like a simple first to shoot and score wins type of game but it really goes much deeper than that. In order to win and win on a constant basis you need to #1 know your job and do it and #2 have teammates that know #1. Now I am not saying you will NEVER win if you don’t play your position right, but if you are serious about the game (or want to become serious) then you need to Do Your Job!

First I want you to watch this really easy to follow basic video guideline (by Rocket League Academy) on what to be doing on the field.

All set? Okay let’s continue. The very first thing you NEED to know is to NEVER, EVER, be in the same place at the same time with a teammate. This will lead to open shots for your opponents. There are 3 players to a team, naturally there are 3 positions (2v2 can follow along as well). These are the names I have, they might not be what you call them but this is what I am going to be going with for this blog.

3 positions.jpg

#1 When on the attack you should only have 1 player deep in the opponents side of the field, this player is playing “Point” (the Point-man). The Point-man’s job is to score or to set up a pass (scoring opportunity) for the Wingman.

#2 The Wingman (or Winger) is the player who is helping out both the Point-man AND the Saftey (thus the name Wingman). The Wingman should only charge in opponents territory when necessary, and is in charge of keeping the ball on the opponents side of the field. The Wingman should always be near midfield on either side of the field.

#3 The Safety (goalie) is the player protecting the teams net. I call this player the Safety and not the Goalie because the Safety is not chained to the net having to be their all game long, it is a temporary position for most and they cover more than just the net it self. Anything from the GOAL to everything behind the Wingman is the Safety’s responsibility. The Safety should NEVER jump the Wingman UNLESS communication has been established with other teammates. A TEAM WITH A BAD SAFETY, HAS NO SAFETY!

You may be thinking “Why? The more players attacking the ball, the better chance you have to score!” and you may think you’re right… but you’re WRONG! When there is no system in place like the one I just showed you then it is highly likely that your team will cluster. Yes, cluster. This is when everyone of your teammates are going after the ball at the same exact time, trying to score at the same time, trying to clear at the same time and save at the same time. Nothing good will come from this! For example, the ball is in your opponents right corner, everyone scrambles for the ball and guess what?


It bounces off the wall and is headed right for your own goal. There is nothing you can do now! You may try to chase it down but chances are either your opponent will get to it first or it will just head in by itself. Now if you had your Wingman and Safety in position, this would be an easy bounce back or EVEN a shot on goal. This is why you never jump your teammate. IF YOU SEE YOUR TEAMMATE TAKING A SHOT SIT BACK AND WAIT FOR A REBOUND! Odds are if you jump the shot, your opponents WILL score, if you DO YOUR JOB chances are YOU will score.

So your down and there is only a small chunk of time left on the clock, how do you go aggressive without “pulling your goalie”. There are a couple ways to play aggressive without big risk. One way I like to play is:

3 positions agressive.jpg

The Point-man takes one half of the opponents red zone and the Wingman takes the other half. Now the Point-man is STILL the one in charge of leading the shots, but the Wingman will play much more closer in and start taking bigger risk shots as the game is on the line. The Safety will now play more of a Wingman role keeping the ball in the opponents red zone as much as possible, while making sure there is no easy shot for the opponent to score. Like I said this is in a situation where you need goals when trailing.

NOW the BIGGEST piece of the puzzle is ROTATION! Your team needs to communicate and to learn when to take over a role that is now vacant. For example, if the ball is hit into your red zone and the Safety clears it out, it is safe to say that the Safety will then continue to play the ball into your opponents side of the field BECOMING the Point-man. So now there is NO Saftey. The CLOSEST player to the goal takes over the responsibility of Saftey, while the other becomes the Winger.


If you do not rotate, your team WILL cluster and your opponents WILL score. It is that simple. If your team ROTATES, COMMUNICATES, plays their positions and you and your teammates just DO YOUR JOB I promise you will start winning on a consistent basis.

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