Toxic Players Poison The Game!

Now don’t get me wrong we all talk trash from time to time, its part of competition. But I have found that in Rocket League 80% of games you will play will have at least 1 TOXIC player in the game, either on your team or as an opponent. Sure we could all turn off the chat system BUT that is an important function to the game! I have played with teammates who have turned their chat off and I sucks! It sucks because they never communicate what they are going to do, and they never can read what you plan to do. So it is a guessing game for the entire 5 minutes of play. But that story is for another day.

I am SURE those of you reading this have dealt with a TOXIC player in RL before (or any other game for that matter), they are trolls, morons, idiots, all of the above and as much as we want to ignore them, we cant, because they ruin the game. I would like to share a small story about this ONE game I played the other day, I don’t remember player names or anything like that but I do remember all the great details of this TOXIC player I had the “privilege” to have on my team.

So the game starts 3v3, my team starts off cold, dig ourselves a 2-0 deficit in under a minute. No one on my team played very well in that first minute and we let up 2 easy peasy goals. It happens, it has happened to YOU, it has happened to ME, it happens to everyone from time to time, it is part of the game. WELL, except for this TOXIC player because as soon as that 2nd goal squeaked in he typed “trash teammates amateurs”. As if he was trying to separate him or herself from the LOSS that seemed inevitable. If you didn’t know, TOXIC players are in the TOP 1% of greatest RL players in the world, they DON’T lose, their teammates do. But back to the story, my other teammate replied with a shut up moron or something in that range and the TOXIC player kept announcing how bad we were until I knocked in 2 straight goals. So know we are tied 2-2 with about 2 and a half minutes in the game.

He claims I was lucky as he wrote “LUCKY AF” because he wasn’t the one pulling the team to victory, how could someone else but a TOXIC player be any good. Soon after this dumbass let’s up a cupcake of a goal and goes quiet. Of course we razz him for all the shit he was talking all game but fear not because my other teammate jammed one home to tie the game. 3-3 is the score, OT starts and my teammate banks it off the crossbar and I score with the rebound, 4-3 is the final and the individual scores come up and guess who had the least amount of points out of EVERYONE in that game… YUP! Mr. “trash teammates amateurs” that’s who! Myself and my other partner took the opportunity to comment on his “amateur” performance, and do you know what his reply was?

“but we won right?”

WOW! Okay so let me get this straight, (and this goes for ALL TOXIC players out there) when you are losing, it is all of your teammates fault… but when your team wins and you have LITTLE TO NO input in that victory, its “but we won right?”.  These types of players are a reflection of who they are as people, and who they are as people are poison to society and the human race. They ruin the game and they ruin life for other people because in reality they SUCK at the game and they SUCK at life and they want to blame EVERYONE else but themselves for their faults. Do everyone a favor and get yourself some help, practice the game, get better at life.

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