Welcome To HalfShelled Hero Gaming!

Welcome one and all to HalfShelledHero Gaming where I will be talking ALL things ROCKET LEAGUE! I have been an avid player since the game came to PSN for FREE! I have been through GOLD as a 2v2 player and I am currently working on my 3v3 status as I am gearing up for some tournaments in 2016!

I wanted to share my experiences, GOOD & BAD, with other players and fans around the world, share advice and give some tips to those who are new and to those that have played for a while but still wonder why they suck. I invite all of you to share YOUR experiences with me as I will be giving you weekly, sometimes daily, stories, tips, and talk all about the world of RL.

So if so if you want to extend your knowledge of the game, meet some great teammates, share your stories and talk about all that you’ve been through in RL then follow me and we will make some memories!

Follow Me On Twitter @HalfShelledHero




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