Holy Cow! I just read the improvements that have been made for Season 2 of Rocket League & I could not be happier!! Click the link below to go to the official page, but I will tell you guys what makes me excited and why!

FIRST! The current ranking system will be scrapped! Not that I hated the system but it was such a damn struggle to increase your rank while you have dummies as teammates. “We have replaced the ten Season 1 Divisions (Bronze I/II/III, Silver I/II/III, Gold I/II/III, and Platinum) with 12 new ones, especially tailored to Rocket League.” & they replaced them with these! Season-2-Division-Titles.jpg

“The aim of Season 2 is to de-emphasize the importance of single wins or losses and put the focus where it belongs — consistently playing well and improving your game over time (not stressing over individual losses).” So the days of losing match after match, dropping ranks while you are posting 1000 point games and your teammates drop 10’s are OVER! If I am receiving this correctly, even if your team loses, if you play well you will rise up in the divisions! I am over the MOON about this new update! Now I can be less frustrated at my teammates for their moronic judgement calls and losing and more worried about making the right moves for the team and myself. Your division symbol will be to the side of your avatar like so…


This is 100% fantastic and I love everything about it. The only draw back to this update is that players might become more self centered and less worried about teamwork… Who am I kidding?! Have you played RL? You cant go 2 straight games without running into some self centered prick who acts like they are a “Champion” but plays like a “Prospect”. Ball hogging and missing saves all the while blaming everyone else for the L. But that’s another story for another day.

Let me know what you guys think about this update and how you think it will fair.

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